Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Crafts and kids go together like peas and carrots. Whether you have a Martha Stewart in training or a child who just likes to color, arts and crafts are a great way for your child to express their creativity. Homemade projects also make great gifts, especially for Mother’s Day. Here are some Mother’s Day craft ideas that are sure to put a smile on any mother’s face.

Fingerprint Cards

When you can’t find that perfect card for Mother’s Day, have your child make one. This one ranks high on the cuteness scale. You’ll need some construction paper, ink, and your child’s fingers. Dip thumbs and fingers into ink to make the bodies of a little family of the animal of your choosing. Once the ink dries you can help your child draw in the bodies. This card is not only cute, but one of a kind.

Mom’s Own Coupon Book

As a mother who never met a coupon she didn’t like, I can tell you moms will love this idea. Kids can customize coupon books to suit Mom’s real needs. How about a morning of not waking up mommy at the crack of dawn? What about a coupon that’s good for one cleaning of the playroom? Or what about a week of unloading the dishwasher? Whatever the case, it can be turned into one of the great Mother’s Day craft ideas. Kids can design each coupon and then put them together to make a book.

Queen for a Day

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You’ve heard you should treat Mom as a queen for day, so why not give her the crown? This is another easy idea that is cute and heartwarming. Construction paper, markers, stickers, and some stick on jewels can go a long way for this craft. Mom can wear her crown on Mother’s Day and save it for another day she when she wants to feel like royalty.

Mother’s Day Handprint Poem

It doesn’t get much better than a child’s handprint and a loving poem. While this craft is a little more detailed it’s worth the time and effort. Basically it involves paper plates, paint, a great poem and a little handprint. The instructions are easy to follow.

Reasons Why I Love Mommy Jar

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This is probably the mother of all Mother’s Day craft ideas. It is the “Reasons Why I Love Mommy (or Grandma) Jar”. Basically kids write down, or get help writing, the reasons why they love their Mom or Grandma. We all know kids come up with the cutest things so the possibilities here are endless and extremely heartwarming. Once they write them down you can seal them with a sticker so Mom can open them.


These Mother’s Day craft ideas will make the perfect gifts sure to make mom smile. Remember, it’s always the thought that counts…especially when it comes to gifts for Mom!




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