Motivation in difficult times

Any CEO worth their salt knows that an organisation is only as good as its people. With good staff you can conquer the world.  When staff are demoralised, it doesn’t matter how good your product is, you will fail.

So – at a time when we are all facing economic uncertainty, how can you keep staff motivated?

My top 3 tips.

– Have a shared vision: If the whole team truly believes in what you are trying to achieve, it makes getting through the tough times a lot easier.

– Laughter: It is ok to laugh when times are hard.  My husband, who was a soldier during the war in former Yugoslavia, tells me that often the only way to deal with the tension was to crack jokes.  Most of us won’t be facing such extreme situations but it is a good lesson to learn.

Give and take: Flexible working, allowing people time off to deal with personal matters, etc.  If your staff see that you are willing to be flexible, they will be flexible around the needs of the company.

And finally one tip that the staff of RAFT have learnt on how to keep the CEO motivated and happy – don’t ever run out of coffee!


A little bit about me: People have many preconceptions about the type of person who runs a charity but as the CEO of RAFT, which finds new ways of treating the injured, I’m very different from the norm.  I think and act like an entrepreneur (I ran my own consultancy for years) and won’t put limits on myself so achieve a lot.  One example was launching our subsidiary Smart Matrix Ltd in January 2012 and in the space of six months exceeding our £2m fundraising target by £600K. 

 By heading RAFT and helping lots of people to make lots of little changes, I hope to create a big difference.  I want the thing I’m most proud of in my life to be something I have yet to do.


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