What is Multi Level Marketing? Where to Start?

The title of this post is a little contradictory I know but although I am fairly new to the Multi Level Marketing business I am focussed on becoming a Professional Multi Level Marketer and what better way to achieve this than to learn from those who are mega successful in the business, and have been for years!

Before getting involved with Multi-Level Marketing read as much as you can from those who have been in this business for many years and more importantly are successful in this business and really listen to what they are teaching you.

Richard Bliss Brooke has a great book out called The Four Year Career which compares the world now to how it used to be and why multi-level marketing is the way forward.

Eric Worre writes another fantastic  book called Go Pro.  This is a brilliant guide to how to be a Multi-Level Marketing Professional.  Both books are well worth investing your time in.

Multi-level marketing is not a way to get rich quick!  Sorry if that disappoints some of you but that’s a fact.  Yes it has happened to a very small number of people but not many.

To be successful you do need to work hard BUT you can work hard and enjoy what you are doing.  You can socialise whilst you do it which can be great fun.  The difference is you can end up with a really great “salary” and a really good pension. For most of us – how many jobs are there that can give you kind of future in this current climate?

And the beauty is you can start this business part-time to fit around your current commitments of work, family, etc., then build it up until you can afford to really fire it up and go full time.

Richard Bandler (Neuro Linguistic Programming Guru) teaches us that we can learn to do anything by duplicating that which others do brilliantly so I am passing on the little pearls of wisdom I have learned from the masters this week.

1.  Finding the right product is essential. You need to use the products yourself and more importantly believe in the products and have 100% confidence that the products deliver the benefits that they say they will deliver.  If you really love the products your enthusiasm will shine through when you talk to others about them.

2. Once you’ve found the products check out the company

How long have they been in business?

What are their profits and have their profits been showing a steady growth year on year over say the past 10 years?

How much do you have to pay to join the company?

Where are their distribution centers ?

How long does it take for delivery of orders?

What is the returns policy (and what percentage of their sales is returns)?

What support do they offer you and what training is available?

How ethical is the company (if this is important to you)?

3. Look for the right sponsor.  There are lots of sponsors out there.  Some great sponsors who offer tons of support and encouragement and some who are not so great.  You need to feel comfortable with your sponsor and know they will be there to prop you up at times if you need some support.  Get to know your sponsor before signing up with them.

4.  Understand that when you go into this business it is YOUR business.  You run it how you like and you earn as much or as little as you want/need to, depending on the effort you wish to put in.  Although the company will offer you all the support (if you are lucky enough to find the right company) it is up to you and you alone how you run your company.  Starting a new business by yourself can be very daunting, but if you choose the right company you will never be on your own.

5. Understand the company’s compensation plan.

How much commission will you earn?

When and how is it paid?

Are there other bonuses, if so at what stage do they kick in?

How do you build your business?  Building a business takes hard work and effort – I repeat – this is not a get rich quick business – it takes time to build it!

6. Where does the company hold it’s Business Presentation evenings.  This is where you might want to take your new distributors when they sign up with you so make sure it is at a convenient distance to where you live – you really don’t want to be driving 100’s of miles to get there each time you want to take someone and it could put new distributors off if they think it is too far for them to be traveling.

So that’s all the things I have learned, some of which I hadn’t really been aware of / thought of before I joined the company I am with – fortunately I struck lucky!  But don’t leave it up to luck – you might not be a fortunate as I was.

I hope this helps you to find the right company with the right products, the right sponsor and a truly fabulous lifestyle.

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