On Chucking the Scales -Thanks Allure!

​Dear Diary,

I have a mad crush on Kjerstin Gruys and it just got worse.

THANK-YOU Allure magazine for further feeding my body with self loathing fuel and further fueling my crush. I am grateful that my crush has not transferred from Ms Gruys to the weighing scales, I do not own scales anymore otherwise this blog post may have a totally different slant to it……

Much appreciated, Ravneet


Do you look in the mirror?

Do you know how much you weigh?

I spend little time in front of my personal mirror and no scales for weighing

Allure magazine just did us all a huge favor.

My ultimate aim in life is to get women talking about ”it” (it=anything and everything)

Allure magazine did just that, ‘it’ is all over the place….from Huffington Post, The Daily Beast to Kjerstin Gruys to….

I feel the more we talk about ”it” the more opportunity there is for change, why? – You know that all too familiar feeling that our journey through life is just ours and that in fact you are alone, well it’s true, you are born alone and you shall die alone. However, your life experiences the ones we share, have us discover that in fact we are not so alone after all, ultimately there will always be someone, somewhere who gets ”it”.

As controversial and totally unnecessary 115 lb. of Zoe Saldana slapped across the cover makes us crazed with hatred towards Allure Magazine, we need to sit back and think about what we can gain from such controversy. It gets people talking as far as I am concerned that’s a good thing.

My hatred towards my expanding body had me try to- puke (fail), starve (fail), laxatives (win) now this worked for a while, until I realized that it had no future, I stopped, I was 17. The dissatisfaction I experienced at 17, still haunts me today, 20 years later

I truly admire & have a not-so-secret crush on Kjerstin Gruys author of ”Mirror Mirror off the Wall”, for sharing her personal life experiences with us all.

When Ms Gruys got engaged, she was faced with fitting room drama. Wedding dress trials, released old feelings that plagued her when she was an anorexic, she took proactive action to be without mirrors for a year. This body image expert, Sociologist and PhD candidate knows her stuff.

I had the great pleasure of styling Ms Gruys for her recent TV interviews. We even shared a changing cubicle, no, not like that people, keep it clean, this might be one of few posts that don’t involve talk of sex and anything ”naughty”! This is where it all begun, she was that comfortable with her body that she was down to her undergarments in front of me, (is that what no mirrors for a year does to you?). My mini obsession with anything Kjerstin was born out of knowing that if she can do it, so can I.
Not only is she an honest, factual & amusing writer, she is a real woman and the fact that she can be that comfortable, given all she has been through, in front of a relative stranger makes me jealous to say the very least. Shoot, I can’t get naked in front of myself never mind someone else!!! But what it does show is anything is possible and this is what inspires me even more and makes the crush deepen! ;-)

My free advice for Allure, try twisting ideas on their head, give ”it” a voice. Transform and take a stand for women, just like Kjerstin did with her book and Lena Dunham does by being in the public eye & as do I with my blogging…we give ”it” a voice!

My mini marketing strategy for Allure magazine:

Start a new innovative marketing campaign all around ”balance”….how about we have an even distribution of information – Concealers/foundations, trends and real sized females (size zero to limitless), education, job ideas & women/girl issues. Talking about ”it” will reduce the loneliness that some of us feel when our bodies are original, individual shapes and our life has been a journey of ups and downs. There is power in sharing, lets start talking about ”it”

I am a Personal fashion stylist, Nutritionist, Speaker, Writer, personal shopper volunteer at Dress for Success.
My Focus: Have women create their own brand, voice, style & confidence.
www.ravneetvohra.com / @ravneetvohra


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