My Moral Issue With Female Entrepreneurs…


There are many business women on the internet and in real life that have been highly successful but are not necessarily willing to help others achieve that success.

This is unfortunate because providing economic opportunities to women involves getting women in control of small businesses.

However what often happens to successful women is that rather than mentoring or coaching someone else, they instead decide to charge consulting fees, sell books, or even sell a multi-level marketing plan. As a double business owner – I fully understand that running a business means profit; however over the past year I have listened to webinars and attended various women only events that truly made me reconsider my stance to free support.

What these women need to remember is that they were small once too. That means they did not have a lot of resources to invest in recordings, DVDs, or even online resources in order to be successful. Instead they had to work hard, rely on the mentoring of other people, and build their businesses on their own.

Now that these women are in a position of success, they should be there to help other women do the same thing. This is really a moral issue at this point because once a woman has become successful in her business, she should NOT need to enhance her wealth at the expense of other would be entrepreneurs!

An example, whilst on a webinar ran by a popular business growth coach; a lady spoke to this coach in the Q&A session discussing that she lost everything in her life, she was absolutely in a panic (tears etc.) – now if you were so successful that you could join the 7 figure club as this coach mentioned over 11 times (yes I counted!) what this poor person was told  by this coach was “if you buy my product for $99 and be  in my energy everything will turn out right in your life”. Sorry WHAT?! instead of saying “let’s speak after our call or let’s speak to my customer service team after this call – to see what we can do for you”?

Yes, definitely in business as a woman entrepreneur you need to be able to sell, buy and say no – however where is the moral of not being able to help others? Why want that money $99, if you supposedly earn more than 7 figures each year?

A lot of my buddying women entrepreneurs in my tribe have paid enormous amounts for coaching from top coaches; whether life, career, business, entrepreneur, happiness, spiritual etc; I do believe some of it may help people. However anyone knows that it only helps someone so far, they have to do it on their own – so why ask for year’s worth of fees? (disclaimer: I offer HR business coaching & mentoring)

Many women can contribute to each others success by simply answering a few questions a week.

If a woman takes thirty minutes a week to answer questions from others, she would be making a huge difference in the lives of those people. An entrepreneur can also attend speaking events at college campuses to share some practical how-to knowledge with students and young business women. I am all for charging what you think your value is and not working for free! However in these cases a speaking fee should be kept to a minimum, if there is no budget for it.

Online workshops and webinars can be a great way to contribute as well. A nice caveat to this is that such work can be used to drive traffic to women entrepreneur’s websites without having to financially charge the would-be entrepreneur for the advice. Social media is also a great tool that can be used to facilitate communication because it allows women to speak to one another or to simply follow a trend using the hashtag feature that is offered on social media.

A final way to pay it forward is to simply blog about it, as I am doing here. Again this might not be as financially lucrative as writing a book might be, but blogging also allows for the freedom of being to write about a topic as often as what you would like, plus it normally gives people the opportunity to join the discussion and share their own advice to others.

If every successful business woman followed these strategies, women would be empowered to create their own economic opportunities. I learned a lot over the past year and most of what I learned was to never invest in any products of women that constantly share that if you follow their process/ plan/ programme you become a member of the 6 and 7 figure club without trying.

That is why it is so important for successful women to remember where they came from and help others achieve the same goals that they themselves once had. Successful business women have a lot to offer others, and it can be done in a way that does not hurt them financially either.

 (c) 2014 The Female Leader

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