My Top 4 Time Killers!

We all have 24 hours in the day…. It’s all about how you choose to use them.  I’m all about using my time efficiently.  Time is the most valuable thing to entrepreneurs!

From talking with many of you I’ve found that you waste several hours a day on things that aren’t making you money.  I have created a list if theTop 4 Time Killers, see if you find yourself doing any of them:

Time Killer #1 – Email

How often do you check your email?  I used to check my email constantly, something like every other hour.  Who am I joking; I check it hourly from my phone!  I always say technology is a gift and a curse.  How did we survive before?

Take control of your inbox!  I have taken the following measures to remedy my email addiction:

  1. Created filters/folder – I only want to see mail that needs my attention.  All newsletters go to a read later folder.
  2. Set check in times – I now check my email at 10am and 3pm daily.  I allocate 30 mins to responding to immediate items.  If something requires a longer response, I create a task in my project management tool and address it later.

Here are a few resources to help control your inbox: Sanebox and GMAIL filters

Time Killer #2 – Mobile To Do List Apps

Again with this technology thing… How many mobile Task List apps do you have on your phone?  There was one point where I had 3.  I was trying them all out and wasting my time.

Mobile is the way technology is going, but it doesn’t need to be complex. Keep it simple!!

There are many wonderful choices available to track what your daily To Do’s.  Some require so much detail, that it takes you longer to enter in the task than complete it.  It should be as simple as type what you have to do, setting a date to complete by and then checking it off.

This is also a great time to look at the work you should be delegating so YOU have more time to focus on business building.

If you need a recommendation or just want talk apps connect with me on Facebook and we’ll chat!

Time Killer #3 – THE INTERNET – Social Media

Social Media aka Facebook, Twitter, and my new found love Pinterest.  Before starting my business I could lose hours on Facebook, reconnecting with high school friends and family.  Now include Twitter and whole day would be lost on the internet.
Create social-productivity!

Social Media is a great tool to connect with your target market.  It almost seems that if your business isn’t on social you don’t have one.

Today I use Hootsuite to schedule my social media post.  Facebook has a schedule as well.

Time Killer #4 – Constant Interruptions (Instant Messaging, Phone Calls, Text Messaging)

Interesting Fact – Did you know that it can take up to 15 mins to regain complete focus after a distraction?  Here’s an example – take writing this newsletter for instance

  • Stop to take a phone call – what I thought would be quick 5 mins turned into 20mins.
  • Back to writing for 5 mins
  • Text message from client confirming meeting later – 1 min to respond – Yet another message about something totally random – another min to respond
  • Back to writing for 20 mins – In my groove
  • Another phone call

Needless to say it used to take me up to 3 hours to write a ONE newsletter!!

Implement FOCUS time!!

I implemented the following rules in my business:

  • Client Phone & Project Work Days – Due to the extent of my work I must have complete days to focus or client systems/processes would never get done.  I have 2 days a week where I setup all my client call.  Other 2 day are set for project work and no phone calls.
  • No texting – It’s just a complete distraction for me.
  • I use instant messaging for my team – I create separate accounts for personal and business on skype and instant messenger.

As entrepreneurs we don’t have time to waste.  There’s someone out there waiting to receive your special gift, now that you’re in business it’s your obligation to serve them!

If you are or were victim you any of these or other time killer I’d love to hear your experience, comment on the blog.


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