Natural and Easy Ways to Stop Snoring

Snoring affects everyone sometimes, but what do you do when it seems to happen all the time? What natural and easy ways to stop snoring when it is causing problems in your relationship, and your daily energy is dropping off to uncomfortable lows? All you want is a good night’s sleep, and your partner is growing desperate for the same. There may even be threats of separate bedrooms, or sleeping on the couch. You don’t want to spend the rest of your days in the doghouse, so what steps can be taken to relieve this chronic and destructive condition?


How to Stop Snoring

Turn your night into a well-practiced and relaxing ritual. Find an activity or two that help you wind down and shut out the stresses of the day. Stress can be a major factor in snoring. Try something like herbal tea, a bubble bath, or even a relaxation specific yoga. The important thing is that the activity helps relaxation to occur and doesn’t stimulate the brain. Believe it or not, things like books and television are not very good choices for settling in to sleep. Meditation might be a good choice for you, or a simple mantra repetition ritual before you drift off that sets your intentions and focus for your life. Thought patterns are powerful things and images of peaceful surroundings can cause the same chemical releases in the brain as actually being present in such locations. The mind doesn’t actually know the difference between imagination, and experience.

Over the Counter Sleep Remedies

Having a few over the counter sleep remedies can be handy for those nights when nothing is working. Though not “natural” in the technical sense these products do help you avoid taking medications, or having a problem that requires extensive medical intervention. If you have a really obnoxious night use a medication to keep your airways pressurized and reduce or potentially even eliminate the problem. You may find that simple changes such as sitting up a little bit when your sleeping, or turning over on to your side are effective enough but sometimes you might need to reach for something a little more aggressive.

Snore Reducing Products

Expect that when you have a cold or sinus infection that includes congestion, the snoring problem will be worsened. This is normal, and those snore reducing products can help here to keep passages open. Theravent, breath right or one of many others is intended for just such problems. Cold medications can actually irritate the airways by over drying and this can lead to a snore fest. Sometimes the harder you try to battle the congestion problem, the worse the snoring will get. You might try to use a sinus rinse such as a Neti pot or a steam treatment to keep the sinus moist during the treatment of your cold.

Snoring is a Bore

Snoring is a pain and when it happens often enough to become an annoyance to those you care about it is time to work on ensuring it happens less and is less intense when it does occur. You deserve to be energetic and happy while awake and your partner deserves a peaceful night.

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