Navigating a Midlife Crisis

Navigating a Midlife Crisis

Are you stuck in a job that sucks your soul? In a relationship that is way past its expiration date?  Find yourself in friendships that are unbalanced? Not happy with your body?   Been contemplating how to move forward but feel like you’re stuck in quicksand or a victim of circumstance?

Chances are you found your way here because you’ve been contemplating a change, a move and have come up with all kinds of scenarios in your head on how to do just that, but you remain in limbo.  You wake up every day to the same thing.  You already know it’s time for you to move on and move forward. Now how to execute it?

The first and most powerful step is to make a firm decision that everything needs to change and that you won’t allow yourself to stay in a situation or relationship that isn’t working for you.  You already know this in your heart.  It takes courage. It takes effort.  It takes commitment. Indeed.  And no one is going to do it for you.  You are the most powerful force in your life. You determine what stays and what goes, what you allow in your life and the direction you’re headed.

Ask yourself this question; does everything currently in my life reverberate with my soul (aka make me feel good)?  No? Time to do some fine-tuning.

The next step is to get clarity about what you do want.  What is your calling? What kind of relationship does your heart desire? If you could do, be, experience anything, what would that be?  Can you envision it?

Now how to get from here to there.

You can come up with every plan imaginable, but really once you make a decision to leave that go-nowhere job, lose weight, separate yourself from toxic relationships and begin to execute it, life will begin to work itself out around you and probably in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Imagine jumping from a sinking ship. Your body may flail about, but it will know how to swim once you’re in the water.  And perhaps there will be someone to toss you a life ring along the way to the shore. Or maybe you decide to stand up and find the water is only waist deep. Not ready to jump yet? Prepare to be nudged off the edge.

That is exactly what happened to me.

As I was building my business, I was also doing the “smart” thing by keeping a full-time job.  I needed that anchor to generate a steady income.  That only made sense.  But what I found is that I was really operating from a place of scarcity and fear and a lack of true confidence in myself.  Life gave me an opportunity to move beyond my self-imposed limits. 

Just as I was trying to figure out if it was the right time to jump off, I was pushed from behind off the ledge.  What now?

I started swimming, baby!

Once I caught my breath and stopped imagining the greatest catastrophe and worst case scenario in my head, the steps on my path started to light up before me.  Terrifying at times? You bet, but really I got exactly what I asked for; the freedom to create my own business and pursue my passion.  It’s not the way I envisioned it and certainly extremely stressful at times, but it also created an opportunity for me to trust myself.  Soon, everything I laid my hand to was reverberating with my soul as I followed my internal compass. 

I found that any temporary discomfort and the unknown was worth far more than being at the mercy of someone else.  I am honoring my true calling, my life purpose and myself.  No one lives my life but me.  Why be unhappy?  Why allow someone else to dictate my path?

So, that thing that wakes you up at night (perhaps even last night), whether it’s a job that serves everyone but you, a relationship that just isn’t working, a body that’s lost it’s shape, situation or circumstance that doesn’t sit well with your soul; it’s probably time to say goodbye and move on! And it’s time to live your true desires and bring your passions to life!  Sound good?  It is doable.

I work with clients to help them navigate a midlife crisis, stop treading water, chart their course or just be a sounding board to assist in getting some momentum going.  You have one life.  Ready to live it out loud?  Let’s go!



Love Strategist, Visionary & Life Coach






Jamie Richards is a Life Coach in the Seattle area who assists women in navigating their midlife journey, including: hormonal changes, relationships, body image, empty nest, career direction & embracing and exploring their own unique path safely and sanely.

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