Need a Business Website? Three Sites That Make It Easy

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Every business needs a website. It doesn’t matter what business you plan to start, an online presence is a must. Think about it, when you want to try a new restaurant you check the website first, right? You look at the menu and prices before you go. Let’s say you’re going to the hardware store across town and you can’t remember its exact location, so what do you do? You do an internet search to get the address. The list of reasons to have a company website is endless. If the idea of creating a website is daunting to you, there are plenty of resource that can help. Here’s a quick list of sites that are designed to make your online life a breeze.

Website Creation

Weebly can help business owners create a site in no time. They offer help for each stage of creation, including design and publishing assistance. Plus, they’re affordable. They have some free plans, but other packages start at $4. It’s a great way to get a sophisticated site for a small investment. Site Builder Report reviewed Weebly and listed it as the top choice for small businesses. Site Builder Report calls the site, “The easiest way for anyone to build a website.”

Website Hosting

If you’ve got some design chops and a little internet prowess, you can certainly create your own site. For some people, creating a site from a template-based system isn’t the way to go. It’s more unique if you can design it from scratch. If you’ve got the skill, by all means, go for it. Once you’re finished designing it, you’ll need a web hosting service. Essentially, it’s a company that helps you store your site and take it live. Here are a few options, some of which are reviewed on CNet. Hostgator, Roboshift and are all great options.

Adding Social Media

Of course, most businesses are also using social media to compliment their online presence. It’s okay if you don’t want to start out with every social media site around, but you should consider starting a Facebook page. Most people know how to use the site and it doesn’t take much time to post messages throughout the week. Keep in mind; it is something you’ll need to keep up with. An inactive social media page doesn’t do much for your business.

Additional advice

Make sure your website and social media page are user-friendly. Don’t clutter your site with too much text. Keep it clear and simple. Avoid filling your Facebook page with sales p Keep it social and fun, you’ll get more customers that way. Remember, both your company site and your social media sites are meant to improve your business and boost your customer base.

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