Need a screen sharing tool?

Ever had a need to share your screen with a colleague or client?  There are times when it would  be easier to show them something instead of trying to explain it.  (Especially for me since I’m a visual person.)

There is this wonderful tool called with a FREE version you can use to start an immediate meeting and invite others to join in!  And there is a mobile version as well for those who are on the go.

Here are the features included in the FREE version:

  • internet calling
  • screen sharing
  • 250 viewers
  • share control
  • multi-monitor
  • chat
  • send files
  • viewer: iPad/iPhone or Android

To read more click here.  

Susan Mershon is a Technology Coach, Trainer & Online Business Manager whose passion is mentoring startup entrepreneurs in the technology they need to run their business.



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