Need a Self-Esteem Boost? Take My Sticky Note Challenge!

“What’s the sticky note challenge?”

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Very simply, the sticky note challenge was inspired by my guest spot on Stephanie Pedersen’s Your Big Life last weekend. In the show we discussed the fact that many women, and men, have gotten in the habit of comparing themselves to media images and, as a result, feel “less than…”

This obsession with trying to fit into someone else’s idea of the “ideal body” has got to stop. And as we discussed on the show, even the supermodels don’t really look like that. Cindy Crawford has been quoted as saying, “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford,” alluding to the fact that by the time the make-up artists are done and her photo has been photoshopped and three inches taken off each thigh, she barely recognizes herself.

I offered several solutions to this problem on the show, but the one that seemed to most resonate with listeners was the Sticky Note challenge. So here it is.

Have you ever heard of Operation Beautiful? The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for other people to find – notes that would brighten their day. Something like “You are Beautiful.”

I want to use this idea for us to create sticky note for ourselves. Starting on Monday, March 4th, I will post a new Sticky Note of the Day each day on my Facebook Page. Ideally you would make several sticky notes that contain that phrase and put them places where you (and others) will see them. Places like your wallet, purse, office cubicle, stairwell, bathroom, a random aisle at Walmart, etc. As a psychologist, I know that the more we see certain messages, the more we start to believe them. So these notes will have a dual purpose: they’ll help you feel better about yourself and they will help others feel better about themselves as well.

I’d love for you to post about your experiences on my Facebookpage each day. Where did you put the notes? What did you think about the message of the day? How easy or difficult was it for you to believe that about yourself? What were the reactions of other people who saw the notes?


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