Need an easy way to create landing or sales pages?


I originally published this blog last summer and I thought I’d publish it again because it is such a great tool – especially for Sales & Landing Pages.  Take a look!

If you are just starting out or are looking for a fabulous tool to help you accelerate your online marketing efforts, Optimize Press is for you.  It combines several of the most used marketing tools into one package combined with great customer service.


NOT a Plugin.  Just in case….a Word Press Theme is a collection of files called “templates” that work together to produce the look and feel for your website.  So, if you install Optimize Press on your main domain and activate it, it replaces the current theme.  This means the look and feel of your website changes.

A best practice is to create a sub domain under your main domain name.  For example,  Once the new domain is created you will need to install WordPress followed by Optimize Press.  Then activate Optimize Press as the theme and get started!

Check out all of the features you get in Optimize Press:

    • Squeeze or Landing Pages
    • Membership Sites
    • Blogs
    • Auto Responder Integration
    • Facebook Comments & Sharing
    • Social Sharing Build ins
    • SEO
    • Step by Step Builder
    • Product Launch Sequences
    • iPad & iPhone Compatibility
    • Sales Letters
    • Bonus Pages
    • Pop-ups

Even if you’re technology challenged you can follow the video tutorials to help you get started building your list of ideal clients.

If you’ve found this helpful, please comment and share!  We’d love to know if we’re providing you value!



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