Networking Magic



It’s summer. And yes, you should be enjoying vacation time. But you should also be getting processes in place, during this slower season, so that your Fall is booming with new business.

Did you know that you are a magician? Maybe not a headliner in Vegas. But you have a trick up your sleeve that is definitely powerful. You have the ability to turn business cards into cold, hard cash! Yes, you heard me right. Business cards into cash. Your trick takes a little more time to complete than most magicians’ feats. But the end result is worth it.

Let’s delve into the trick, and how you can start wowing yourself and your employees with this new found skill. When you go to networking meetings, business events, mixers, etc., what do you often come away with? A bag full of business cards.

And what do you DO with those cards? Maybe you file them. Maybe you import them into your contacts. Maybe you add them to your database. But that’s not enough. Each one of those cards is a potential monetary bill.

How do you convert those contacts into profits? Follow these steps.

Enter each lead into some type of Client Relationship Management System (CRM). We recommend Contactually. This is your magic wand.

Send an initial email. It can be just a “glad we met” email. Build from there. These are your magic words.

Keep detailed notes on any sales conversations you have with each client. Create tasks for continued follow-up. And actually follow up! With a plan, it’s not magic. It’s science. Cultivating relationships is the best way to turn a lead into a client.

It takes time. So be patient. If this lead isn’t right for you, your continued interaction with them, will most likely lead them to recommend you to a colleague. Be in their mind. Another magician-like quality.

TA-DA. You will pull a deal out of your hat (or your bag of business cards) if you stick to the steps and commit to the process.

At Sonaya Williams Group, we can help you put systems in place, give you software resources, and teach you business tips to not only generate leads, but turn those leads into clients. Email me today at

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