Networking Tip: Add a Thick Skin

African American businesswoman social networkNetworking Tip: There is no person in the world that everybody likes.

Some people may be more well liked than others, of course, but there isn’t a person alive that hasn’t rubbed at least one person the wrong way.  

So, how do you use this information to your advantage? You realize before it happens that this is inevitable. There is no avoiding it.   There will come a time when you won’t be liked. So, when you meet some person that doesn’t think you are the greatest ever, you don’t have to feel bad or get depressed.  You knew it was going to happen at some point anyway (maybe even many times).

If you are at a party and you don’t have a great vibe with the person you are talking to, or if you can tell that they don’t really like you, so what.  Consider that to be information gained.  You are now free to move on and talk to another person.  No big deal.  

Of course, the problem that a lot of people have is that they desperately want everyone to like them.  So, when they find out that this isn’t true with someone they meet, they feel like they have to try to win the person over.  “Don’t you know who I am?” They think.  “I am sooo likable! Let me show you what a peppy, complimentary, and all around great person that I am so that you will change your mind about not liking me!”  

Please.  Stop making a fool of yourself.  Accept the fact that some people just won’t get long with you no matter what you do.  And remember–this is true for everyone!  So, be yourself and don’t apologize.  Embrace and get to know the people who do like you and leave the ones alone who don’t.  Problem solved. 

I would love to help you in any way I can.  Send me your questions, comments, and stories about how you mingled with success and class.  Please remember that I may use your comments in a future post.  

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