New Shopping Habits


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Is  STUFF taking over your life?  Start to rethink your Shopping Habits.

I recently have become more aware of how much I NEED vs. how much I WANT. There definitely is a difference.

I have begun to adopt new principles to apply to my  weekly shopping.

I found that a lot of the items that landed in my home were from impulse purchases.

I won’t lie because I do love lists. However, I have to be honest. I would never make a list for fun shopping. It kind of takes out the fun of spontaneous buying, right? Uh… not necessarily…

I now take my time compiling a list of items I would like to get. I do research on the Internet looking for styles, prices and quality.  I basically research each item and I do a lot of bookmarking. I have my items of interest bookmarked, it allows me time to do more research and still have my items set up in an organized fashion.

Once I do make a purchase, I am prepared to let go of an item. Any piece arriving in my home tells me that a piece will be released at home. This is a perfect way to keep clutter at a minimal. This principle does not apply to items that are broken or damaged.

So let’s recap some quick tips:

1.Save all your receipts–if you do not use an item within 30 days, its time to get your money back.

2.Don’t carry your store credit cards in your wallet–this take the “quick” out of quick impulse buys.

3. Give to Get-New arrival lands in your home–release an older item and pay it forward.

4. Streamline your purchases–I utilize Reminder List on my iPhone. I create lists for all of my most frequently shopped in stores such as Target, Costco, Petco etc… All of the items I normally buy from each store are on each list. It cuts down the clutter in my mind and also keeps my purchasing more organized and focused. 


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