Nidhi Thapar

The mission of this site is to help startups make money and do good. 

Thanks to all the marvelous technology we have at our fingertips, we can generate, design and execute ideas easier than ever before. It is no wonder then that everywhere we turn a new business is popping up. The successful ones make our crazy, hectic lives a bit easier. But what’s really great is when these startups also make the world a better place.

A trend among many businesses conceived by millennial entrepreneurs is a desire to give back to the community. The bottom line is no longer just about money, it’s also about social value. 

Please head over to the blog to learn about the intersection of business and philanthropy. It highlights what it means to be a socially conscious company as well as offers insights on how you can bake social change right into your business model and create a cause branding strategy that clearly communicates your brand values.

The goal is to give startups the resources, evidence and inspiration they need to use social mission as a marketing strategy to grow their brand.

want to know a little about me?

I believe strongly in building a career and life that revolve around what you value and what you love doing. And I’ve had to fight for that belief. There are a lot of naysayers out there. Screw them. I’m doing it, and so can you. 

I am curious, passionate, respectful, optimistic and solution-oriented. I’m developing a balance between being cheerleader and devil’s advocate. I can inspire and motivate you but will also call you on your bullshit if I sense your fear-brain is taking over and rendering your business stagnant. I believe it is extremely important to take calculated risks and to question the status quo.

I spend a huge amount of time reading. Everything I can- magazines, blogs, books. In all the subjects that interest me- business, personal growth, marketing, hip hop, entrepreneurship, movies, travel, fashion. I love Charlie Rose and watch him daily but, I’m just as happy to be watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians (there is no question, they are great businesswomen). My experiences, interests and background are diverse, as a result, so is my way of thinking. Check out my Pinterest boards to get more insight on who I am and what I dig!

I love to analyze, distill and synthesize whatever it is I learn from reading/watching/living. These lessons give me a great foundation to understand what influences people and what makes a brand successful. Having this knowledge ingrained in my mind is exactly what allows me to push the envelope, change the world, be creative and encourage others to do the same. This is exactly what I bring to the table when I work with entrepreneurs.

After getting my education in the corporate world from Neiman Marcus and then The Jones Group, I realized that I prefer the culture that exists in small businesses. So after five years on the business-side of fashion, I took a step back and figured out that for me to really be energized by my career, I needed to do something that inspired me. I longed to be surrounded by innovative and passionate minds that are moved to change their corner of the world. Although it was a risk, I left the professional life I knew to explore an idea that really excited me – helping small business owners take their companies to the next level. I quickly found that my unique perspective on business is valuable to creative entrepreneurs. I’ve since had the opportunity to work with wellness studios, startup retailers, independent musicians, best-selling authors, filmmakers and burgeoning online communities.

If you’d like to know more about my past work experience, check out my LinkedIn profile.



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