Growing a Business: No Excuses.

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My business is harder, because…

My industry is just different, because…

My situation is more complicated, because…

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, these things are easy to say.  They’re easy to believe.  We constantly hear small business owners convincing themselves of all the reasons it is more difficult for them than their fellow entrepreneurial counterparts.  Stop. It. Now.

Here’s the thing – what’s actually hard isn’t the business, the industry or your life.  What’s difficult is the path you’ve chosen.  Being an entrepreneur takes hard work.  Yes, we all face professional setbacks and personal challenges.  These throw a monkey wrench into our dreams and timelines – no doubt.  That’s not what this post is talking about – I’m talking about the everyday ups and downs, ebbs and flows of being a business owner.  Businesses simply do not grow themselves.  Being and entrepreneur takes motivation, dedication and gumption. The excuses?  Those are the easy part.

Every business is unique.  New customers are hard to reach.  Existing customers are tough to engage.  That’s the reality of business.  So how can you grow your business?  Stop complaining. You might not be an expert in bookkeeping, sales or marketing.  That’s ok!  Focus on the areas where you’re great and find resources to help with the others.  Invest where it makes practical sense.

Growing a business – new or established – takes time.  It takes commitment.  It takes hard work.  So throw out the latest top-10 list of guaranteed-to-succeed social media tactics.  There’s no silver bullet.  Recognize that your new website, while beautiful, will not drive customers tomorrow without giving them a reason to come.  More on this in a future post…

But before you dive in to your latest growth strategy, take a step back.  Sit in awe of everything you’ve already accomplished.  Remember why you started your business in the first place.  Embrace the business you love.  When you start there, the ideas, the motivation and the success will come.

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