No Experience Necessary! 3 eCommerce Innovations for New Sellers

Selling online just got a lot easier.

The essence of eCommerce is technology, which is always changing and evolving. Today’s eCommerce solutions have grown into easy platforms that anyone can use. You don’t need any technical experience or a huge budget.

Today’s online business owners can open a new eStore in minutes using platforms created with simplicity in mind. If you can post a picture on Instagram, you can build your own eStore. And many eCommerce solutions allow sellers to start without any money down or long-term contracts.

In Unemployed? Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties and Work for Yourself, I argued that we shouldn’t wait for anyone to solve our problems: “Every person has marketable skills. You just have to find out what yours are and take the leap.”

Here’re a few eCommerce innovations that show exactly how easy it is for you to take the leap into business ownership.

Save Sales from Shopping Cart Abandonment

Screen-Shot-2016-06-02-at-12.33.53-PMOne of the biggest issues for online stores is shopping cart abandonment. An estimated 70% of online consumers fill up shopping carts and simply walk away. There are many reasons why this happens, but one major reason is the shopper just isn’t ready – yet. Maybe they’re waiting for their next paycheck, or they’re comparing prices. The point is they want your product or a product like yours, it’s just not the right time.

eCommerce platforms understand the need to send these customers gentle email reminders and have various shopping cart abandonment strategies in place for sellers. Selz also has a customize email link and button colors that help entrepreneurs create consistent branding across their entire online platform. This means the abandoned cart email you send to interested customers will be consistent with your existing brand while automatically following up with leads anytime of day.

Here’s how easy it is to customize this feature:


Manage Everything from Your Mobile

The era of being tied to your desk is over. Today’s new business owners can work almost exclusively from their smartphone. It may seem crazy, but you can work from home, a coffee shop or even the beach.

The vast majority of eCommerce platforms are designed to work seamlessly on any mobile device. An estimated 57% of millennials are expected to purchase something using their smartphones, so having a mobile site is critical. However, you can now manage your entire eStore directly from your phone.

Etsy, the incredibly popular eCommerce platform for crafters, has two mobile apps: one for buyers and one for sellers. You can add listings, view stats and even process orders directly from your smartphone./

Esty sellers can even process payments in person, from craft fairs or other events, by using the Etsy Reader:

etsy reader


Easily Upsell Print on Demand T-Shirts

Branded items are hot sellers online, and eCommerce platforms make it incredibly easy for sellers to set up their online shops. You can design a wide variety of products, including t-shirts, hats, household items, phone cases, etc., and sell them directly from print on demand sites like CafePress or Zazzle.

Viral Style is another print on demand site, but this one has a great upsell option. Upsells can increase your average profit by an additional 15-25%, so it’s obviously a feature you want as an online seller.

You simply choose the discount amount and what item to offer. The platform handles the rest:


No Fear Business

Starting a new business is incredibly exciting. It can also be frustrating and scary. But the eCommerce portion of your business shouldn’t be stressful. Just remember these platforms only succeed if you succeed. They are designed for anyone with basic computer knowledge, and you don’t need to be an IT wizard to set up your own eStore.

Don’t let eCommerce inexperience keep you from starting your new business. Setting up your own eStore will actually be one of the easiest steps you take.



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