No more Excuses time to Start Over



When we think of starting over usually are mind is filled with automatic panic and stress. Why? Im not sure I guess we have been programmed to think this is a bad thing. Im here to tell you its not. I have experienced the dreaded “Starting over” from career to personal life. I have come to realize its a great experience when done correctly. This is only a bad experience if you do nothing and fall back into the same patterns.

Remember starting over will only be empowering if you are determined to make a change. This is the time you can reinvent yourself, and find out what makes you tick. One of the oldest myths  “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. This is  false! Its never too late to start over. Time to stop making excuses and start over.  I have some helpful thoughts that you can use on your journey.  

1. Encourage Yourself:  Take time out to remember what makes you great. Think about small and big things. Everything that makes up who you are is important.  Dwell in those thoughts  for a moment. Give thanks for being blessed with the opportunity to live another day and give yourself another shot at life.  Remember this time you will do things differently!

2. Let Fear be the Fuel: You are probably shaking and nervous about direction. This is NORMAL. That feeling of fear you have, use it to help you do great things. The amount of joy you will feel fighting through the fear is unimaginable. Keep going don’t ever let fear stop you.

3. Keep Learning: Whether you’re going through a personal or career redo never stop learning. This will help you during your transition period. The internet and library are filled with wonderful information to keep your mind busy. Learn a new language, how to cook, or read up on a new career.

4. Expect the Unexpected:  Starting over is a bit of trial and error. You will go through ups and downs. Things will not go according to plan. Embrace change. Learning how to “Expect the Unexpected” this will help you edit your goals and still achieve the success you are looking for.

Keep these tips in mind and remember In the end we only regret the chances we didnt take to rewrite our story. Start Now!

Kayla is the founder of IFP Inc which focuses on marketing & branding for entrepreneurs. She believes everyone has a vision and she is the one to help you bring it to light.  Coming soon is her new blog site I Feel Pretty Inc. which will focus on motivating women to redefine pretty and become the best YOU possible. Contact and follow Kayla on twitter .

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