Not Happy? Live Your Own Life!


Are you happy with your life? 100%, without a doubt, happy?

If you answered “No” to the above, perhaps you are living the wrong life. Perhaps you are living the life that someone told you was the life you were supposed to live. Someone, sometime, somewhere.

You are meant to live the life that you would consciously choose within the confines of circumstance. Obviously not everyone can be Bill Gates or Gywneth Paltrow (would anyone want to be?), but you can be the person that you would choose to be. That’s if you are aware of who that person is and if you are consciously choosing.

Don’t worry you’re not alone. Most people don’t know who they want to be and don’t consciously choose… ever. We are going to change that.

The first and most important step you must take to find your extraordinary life is to find your “Ultimate Whys”. Everyone can answer the question of “Why” they are doing something – but usually the answer is a superficial self-justification. What’s the real Why. We often stop after the first Why because that’s what is comfortable. Much of the time we don’t have a valid answer beyond the superficial, or even worse the answer is someone else’s Why.

Make a list of every time commitment you have today and ask yourself, “Why?” but don’t stop… keep going. Why am I getting up so early? Because I want to make the kid’s a wholesome breakfast? Why? Because I want them to have the energy to face the day? Why? Because I want to be a good mother? Why? Because I want my kids to have opportunities that I never had. Aha! That’s your Ultimate Why. If you get to the end of your Whys and you haven’t felt that “Aha!” you don’t have an Ultimate Why for that commitment – and you are living someones else’s life. Probably your Mother’s.

When you make conscious choices based on your Ultimate Whys you are living the life you are supposed to live. It may take a while to uncover all your Ultimate Whys. It may be difficult to choose not to continue on with those time commitments that aren’t supported by one of your Ultimate Whys. When you do – you will be living your life. And your life will be extraordinary.

Can you think of a current commitment that doesn’t map to your Whys? Are you living someone else’s Whys? Share in the comments below.

Lisa-Marie Cabrelli is a location independent entrepreneur running 3 businesses while traveling the world. As a life and business coach she lives her Ultimate Why and coaches the adventurous to an extraordinary life. You can learn more about the Ultimate Whys and the Freedom Formula by visiting her website Laptop Life Lisa.

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