Not just a dog but a Labrador Retriever


There has always been a dog of some kind in our family.

Even as a young girl, my grandmother had a toy poodle named Peppey (pep – ee) who was my partner in crime.

We’ve had mixed shepherds and Beagles and Cocker Spaniels and just recently added to our pack is Kobe the Labrador and what an adventure this has been.

Dogs, across the board have similar characteristics and traits. They wag their tails, they pant, they give wet kisses, they thrive in a pack and they can all pretty much bark—I’m convinced they prefer this activity late at night or early in the morning when the rest of the world is trying to sleep!

These are dogs.

If you’re a dog owner you understand them and love them.

Not only do you have dogs you have different breeds of dogs.

Kobe the Labrador Retriever is quite different from Mac the Beagle even though they’re both dogs.

Kobe is this thing of beauty when he’s flushing out birds in the tall grass.

It’s what he was bred for. He does all the other doggie things that other doggies do but then there’s that thing he and all other Labrador Retrievers were bred to do. Just like Alaskan Huskies were bred for the cold temperatures and sled pulling.

Maybe it’s just me but Kobe seems happiest when we’re off leash and he’s looking for birds to chase. If I were a hunter, I could take advantage of his natural ability but chasing birds will have to do and he again he seems happy.

Then I thought about you and me.

We’re human. We do human things like eat, drink, procreate, work, find love, fall out of love—it’s what we do.

Then there’s that thing we were created to do. It’s that thing that brings us the most happiness and benefits others.

Kobe’s not just a dog, he’s a Labrador Retriever; he was bred with a high degree of intelligence and to hunt.

You and I are not just humans, we’re these wonderful spiritual beings created for specific tasks and assignments.

And you’ll find happiness and contentment when you understand what you were created for and function in that capacity.

You’re not just you, you’re you with purpose, gifts and talents unique to only you.

Embrace what you were created for and find a peace and happiness you’ve never known before.

Lisa aka The Marketing Stylist™ is a public speaker, author, small business owner and marketing/design consultant. She resides in Houston, TX with her husband Elgin, their son and a rambunctious black Labrador named Kobe. 


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