Obstacle Course -Success or Failure?

Obstacle Course -Success or Failure?

There was nothing I dreaded more than the yearly sports day at school. Worse still it was a public affair with our doting parents in full regalia, cheering us on through relay races, long jump, high jump and the dreaded obstacle course.

I am no natural on the sports field. I am far from passionate about sweating in public, let alone sweating my way through sports events that generally had me flat on my face before we had even begun.

Not entirely amused by my successful failures on the obstacle course which I felt was set up just to have me fail, I never understood what could possibly be gained from participating in this unpredictable and perverse race. Not one to take failure positively or as an opportunity to push through, failing was such a horrid, dark world that I would rather not take part at all, than fail.

My early years living ‘life’ had me continue to avoid failure, the cost to me was

1) missed opportunities

2) loneliness 

3) in constant fear of the big F 

Failure left my life in pause and me on mute

Ever heard the saying: ”the more you resist, the more it persists”? 

There is no irony here, as my life unfolded and I wore my medals of failure from one arm to the other, I realised that if I didn’t allow myself the opportunity to make good out of a failure then I would continue to fail without any opportunity of success.

Failures could actually be my defining moment & it took me many failures to realize this.

Lakshmi Puri, UN Women’s acting head and one of the most influential women in the World, recently said: ”make obstacles opportunities”.

My obstacle in life was my injured, malnourished ego. I decided if I could over come the heaviness and gut wrenching rage of my injured ego, I could actually make the obstacle my opportunity.

What can be learned from failure?

1) Failure can be the key to your success, something doesn’t work out, trust in the process and watch what is possible from your failure

2) Failure delivers what we commonly call life lessons – it’s learning the lessons delivered that separates us from the masses.

3) Failure is your red flag – take the cue and trust

In the face of failure 

1) Give failure a nod of thanks and move on

2) Rise and face your failure head on. Now move onwards and upwards – go win the recognition and success you so crave

3) Nurture and massage the ego. A strong believer in the power of a tamed ego, rather than make it the enemy, make it your ally. With ego in check we can make this into a situation that even your ego enjoys.

My endless failures have all lead to this point, my success. I am truly a glass half full person, and can find inspirational word after word – I don’t take my work from big research projects I take it from my life. 

I am a live research project. 

It’s been a rainbow and thunderstorm of obstacles and opportunities it’s after years of lessons that I too can see obstacles as opportunities & now you will too.

Ravneet Vohra 

Personal fashion stylist. Nutritionist.

Motivational speaker & writer

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