On #BanBossy

boss650_010914010451I’ve been called bossy and bitchy, among other names. It doesn’t make me feel good, but I don’t let it eat me up either. I never really thought that I was being called those things because I was a woman. I was called those things because I was being bossy and bitchy (whatever that really means). I was and am sometimes still bossy, a control freak, and stubborn. It’s how I manage to get things done when “non-bossy” guys/gals don’t want to. Because bossy and leadership are synonymous, I never let it get to me. If I’m being bossy, I’m on my way to being a leader, right? Sure.

Of course, this post comes in light of the recent #BanBossy campaign. There are lots of truths to campaign. Girls are less likely to speak up if they’re crushed by stupid labels. It breaks my heart everytime I hear stories about girls not speaking up or pursuing something because of what other people have to say. And since we recognize that girls are so moldable at young ages, then why continue down the negative path? Why not tell girls to embrace bossy and crush it! Channel the negative energy to successful execution? I’m not a hundred percent onboard with the campaign, something doesn’t sit right with me.

And for the record, yeah, I’m bossy. I’m bitchy. I’m badass.

Originally Posted on StartupChick

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