On Being BOLD

Bold isn’t something we necessarily embrace. In fact, a lot of people, and a lot of women included, would never describe themselves as bold. It is almost something that has a bit of a negative feeling to it and feels uncomfortable for many of us.

Being bold, however, is the one big thing that you need if you want to realize your dreams and move forward. If you are feeling lazy, complacent, in a rut, or plain bored, you will need to take a bit of a leap to get to the place you are longing for – being more happy, content and just plain having fun.

Being bold is not being reckless, nasty or pushy. Being bold is having the courage and confidence to set and reach that goal which makes you joyful and fulfilled.

Bold actions must be connected to your goals – it is not simply “I will go out and buy a crazy outfit, dye my hair neon green and walk down the street just for the sake of being noticed.” Bold actions are really all about having a stretch goal so that you can use your potential and make a difference.

Boldness will give you that energy to move out of your rut. It starts a new momentum that once you are in it, it will be hard to stop you from taking action and reaching your goals.

How can you get started? First of all, give yourself permission to accept that BOLD is a good thing – that it is one of your internal resources that maybe you have been ignoring. You can take this first step – you have it all inside. It is not something you need to go to a class for. Allow yourself to just flow into this space of boldness.

Second, write down some bold ideas and actions that connect you to your vision and dreams. Commit to taking these actions. Actually, make a weekly plan to perhaps do one thing that is bold which will lead you to your goals. Put it on your calendar – make a date and time and do it.

And lastly, being bold is not optional. I heard powerful words in a recent video from Maria Shriver. She was quoting her mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, as saying “You Can. You Must!” This really resonated with me – we MUST. We have not been given our talents, experiences and even our sorrows just so we can simply exist day to day. We are called to do bold things so that we can be better, use our talents and serve others in the process.

French author, Jean Anouilh, has a beautiful quote: “Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. “ It is time for getting the magic into your life.

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