One opportunity companies miss with employer branding

It seems everywhere I look online this week, there’s buzz about employer branding.  Although we are living in a time where unemployment is high and many people are struggling to find jobs, companies are focusing on effectively branding themselves as preferred employers to draw in applicants.  HR managers are pulling out all the stops and creating sophisticated recruitment platforms to attract top talent.  One such platform is LinkedIn’s new Career Page, which can help companies creatively showcase their organizational culture.  But, even after looking at all the bells and whistles, I still see companies are missing one important opportunity with employer branding.

You might wonder why companies need to focus on recruiting new applicants, considering each new job posting results in hundreds of applications. The reason is, companies need the RIGHT applicants.  These platforms are implemented primarily for the purpose of recruiting top talent.  But lets look at the positions that don’t fall into executive leadership.  Out of the hundreds of candidates who may apply for a position, only a handful will meet all the job requirements.  In part, this can be attributed to whether or not a candidate is desperate for a job.  If a candidate is desperate, they may apply for positions where they are not fully qualified.  So what happens to all these ‘unqualified’ or ‘not fully qualified’ candidates?  More than likely, they are dismissed using a tragic, auto-reply email, saying sorry and good luck with your career search.  (I actually had a hiring manager once tell me during the interview that if I wasn’t chosen, I’ll receive a form letter!)

coverAt myMarketing Cafe, we think this is a missed opportunity of HUGE proportions.  What a great time to show that your company is a company that cares about its people and the community.  Our team just released a new FREE ebook yesterday to show HR managers and Marketing managers how to partner and implement this creative strategy.  Our ebook teaches strategic messaging to help with employer branding, building brand advocates, and improving community relations.  The book teaches a one-size fits all strategy: it’s ideal for companies of any size and nonprofit organizations.

We are a small company that follows a pay-it-forward, community-building philosophy.  We are communications strategists, and in a small way, scientists. I say this because we look at every organizational communication and examine it for every possible use.  We ask ourselves…What audiences can we reach with this communication? What message are we sending and how is this message going to affect other areas of the business?  It may seem a little time-consuming but we believe it’s part crisis planning, and part thinking so far out of the box, you position yourself as an innovator.  That’s exactly what the HR and Marketing Converge strategy teaches.

So, go refill your coffee cup, download your free copy, and see what you have been missing.

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