One Surefire Way to Be Taken Seriously as a Blogger

Here’s the deal. There are 10 gazillion (a rough estimate, I’ll admit) bloggers out there. And 94.32 percent of them have one goal — to be the next Miss Thang.

Sure, you slave away at developing content. Yeah, your design is fantastic. You’ve even put an honest-to-goodness editorial calendar together and — GASP — you actually stick to it.

But are you being taken seriously?

Do you have legions of readers leaving comments faster than you can reply to them all?

Do you have advertisers and sponsors slamming your inbox desperately trying to give you all that money, fame and fortune you’ve been desperately seeking?

Trick question — the advertisers and sponsors don’t really matter. Yet.

Allow me to play bad cop for a minute.

If your content is riddled with misspelled words, poorly aligned copy and commas EVERYWHERE just for the sake of keeping the Comma Fairy happy…. you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Design and editorial calendar be damned.

I’m not saying you won’t build a community of readers with your poorly styled copy and misspelled words. I’ve seen it happen.

And I’m not saying you won’t have some brands reach out to you (once you have said community of readers) in the hopes of working together.

But if you want to be taken seriously — translation: professional, big girl blogger serious — you have to have polished, proofread copy.

So what’s the problem, you ask?

Okay… just remember… you asked. Don’t shoot the messenger.


That’s it. Do not pass “Go” and do not collect $200.

Your blog hasn’t reached its fullest potential because of you.

Invest in yourself.

I suppose you could ask a friend to proofread your posts before they go out — but if you promise to pay in hugs, don’t be surprised if said friend slaps the crap out of you.

A better option? Save your friendships and consider hiring a copy editor. We’re fun. I promise. Well… I’m fun. I can’t speak for all the other word nerds out there.

Just do it. Your blog deserves the love. And you’d be surprised how great it feels knowing you’re putting your best stuff out there.

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