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I’m sitting on the porch of our lovely condo in Florida. It’s 10:30 at night and the temperature is a comfortable 80 degrees. I can’t see anything but a few boat lights off in the distance ’cause there isn’t much of a moon tonight.  I can, however, hear the calming repetitive tumble of the ocean as it rushes up against the beach. It is all I need to lure my active mind and cranky body into a magically relaxed state.

It never ceases to amaze me how nature has the ability, without effort, to calm the human condition. There isn’t a drug, an exercise, or a prophet that can compete with the earth’s ability to bring us back to center.

I saw a show a few months ago in which the advisor suggested to their client that they lie on the ground face down and feel the earth as a way to regain strength. I thought it was brilliant. It is so easy for us to forget that we are connected to the land under our feet.  The simple act of lying on the ground can help us soak in all the energy that the earth has to offer. It may sound odd but it works. Think about the last time you lay out in the sun soaking in all that warmth. It’s soul changing.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to experience moments like this peaceful oceanfront evening.  I can feel nature’s hug and her power. In the lap of each wave I hear my own voice reflected back to me and I become grounded and sure of my direction.

When was the last time you stood still long enough to feel the power of the earth. Will you allow it to help you make your next decision?

Caird Urquhart is Founder and President of Newroad Coaching, a boutique coaching firm providing one-on-one personal and business coaching services and also author of 30 Ways To Better Days: How to Rally After You’ve Been Dumped. Find Newroad Coaching on their blog and on Twitter and YouTube.

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