Online Business Fairy Tales – Avoiding the “Get Rich Quick” Trap

Micro Business Educator & Blogger @ Micro Business EssentialsEver seen someone who always does the latest craze? And there’s always a new fitness or diet craze (paleo, gluten free, Zumba, hot yoga, etc.). They have the newest gadgets, watch whatever is popular, and jump from interest to interest.

In terms of business, this can be deadly. I’ve seen so many “must have” ads that claim their product/service could make me a ton of money. I’ve even bought a few…


Because I’m not immune to well written headlines. Which means I can get sucked into online business fairy tales. But I’ve learned a thing or two about what’s real and what’s not.

Take a look at a recent email I received:

Fix that cash flow problem forever

Hey, Sick and tired of being BROKE?

This thing changed my LIFE.

Make over $1190 every day starting NOW.


Regards, -Support

The Truth

Would you want to make over $1000 a day? Sure. But none of these system can make you an overnight success. Just like there is no magic pill that will help you lose weight. This particular email sends you to a video where an internet marketing “genius” promises you the world. The boy can’t even type without making mistakes. Why would you trust him? I normally don’t trash someone else’s business, but I don’t consider this an legitimate business. I consider this a scam.

Here’s what’s wrong with his sales page.

1. He says “Partner With Google, Bing and Yahoo!”. You CANNOT partner with these companies. You can buy their services, but you can’t be Google’s partner. This is a blatant lie.

2. He claims he can “Instantly Start Getting FREE Traffic and Sales From Google, Bing, Yahoo and Many More!”. Again, this is a lie. You will not get “instant” traffic. Unless you PAY FOR IT!

3.  The program they are trying to sell is supposedly brought to you by the Kurma Group, Inc., which I believe is a dummy corporation. It has no official website, and has a few sketchy mentions on a quick Google search.

Why This Can Be Deadly for Your Business

If you get sucked into these types of marketing messages, you could end up spending a lot of money that you could put to better use. You could spend more time setting up these “systems” then actually focusing on your business. You could  end up frustrated, broke, and still trying to figure out why everyone else is making money hand over fists and you’re not.

This does not mean every system is bogus. Rather, it means the vast majority of stuff you find on the Internet will not help your business. So what can you do? Stick to the basics. Get educated, organized and set priorities. And avoid anything that claims to make you a million overnight.

Bottom line: Don’t believe business fairy tales. Before you buy, look at the facts. If they are not willing to back up their claims, walk away. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Have you ever fallen victim to an online business fairy tale? Share your experience and educate other in how to avoid getting scammed!

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