What is the Downside of Online Video Conferencing?

There are quite a few benefits and advantages of online conferencing that can make the average business owner believe without hesitation that it is a worthwhile investment. On a much smaller scale, studies have confirmed that more and more consumers enjoy being able to stay connected with each other through video chats and calls that are conducted through their smartphones and mobile tablets. More than 19 percent of Americans have at least tried to host a video conference either using their computer or smartphone, according to Interact-Technology.com. On a much larger scale within the world of business, though, there are several disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration as well.

High Pricing for Corporate Equipment

Even though hosting an online conferencing session on a personal level or even within a small business can easily be done for close to nothing, the expenses and fees that are associated with corporate conferencing equipment and systems are not as affordable. The average price for video conferencing systems can range between $200 and $300,000 depending on the specific needs of the company, according to Video-Conferencing-Guide.org.

Stability of Internet Connections

Another disadvantage that you will need to take into consideration when it comes to online video conferencing is the overall stability of the Internet connections that will be used to host these meetings. Unlike traditional meetings that are held face to face within the same location, online conferences depend greatly on the quality of the Internet connection that allows the meeting to continue. You can be discussing some very important topics with your colleagues and co-workers, but everything will come to a screeching halt as soon as the Internet goes out. As mentioned earlier, this type of problem escalates in severity based on the size and type of business that is using the service.

Poor Audio Quality for Large Meetings

It can be very difficult to hear one person talking to you during an online video conferencing session primarily because of the audio quality. However, the larger the crowd becomes over time, the worse the quality becomes, according to Harvard University. Therefore, if you are hosting a large meeting with a large number of employees and colleagues, it can be hard to hear anything clearly without spending an excessive amount of time asking people to repeat themselves for clarity. Before long, the entire flow of the business meeting will be compromised and become an extended period of wasted time.

Limited Number of Available Users

In addition to the other disadvantages that need to be considered before you invest any time or money into an online video conferencing session for your company is the fact that you might be limited in the number of people that can join the session. This disadvantage is primarily a concern for the small business owners who have found a way to host video chats and calls with their clients, customers and employees free of charge. Based on the limitations of the free software that they are using, this system might become a major problem. However, if your business expands to the extent that the boundaries of a free online conferencing system are no longer suitable, then it may be time for you to consider investing in a commercial system.

There are several advantages to be enjoyed and experienced by using an online video conferencing system for your business. However, based on the size and type of your business as well as your specific needs, the disadvantages may be a little too weighty for this type of investment.


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