Open Letter to My Daughter’s Teachers

Her name was Ms. Beets. She was my preschool teachers at School for Little Children in Bellaire, TX. I still can picture her petite frame and her dark hair, almost 30 years later. I couldn’t tell you much of the content she taught me during my year in her classroom, but I can tell you that she had an impact on me. Her kind demeanor, her soft-spoken voice, and her encouraging words helped mold me into the little girl who became the woman I am today.

A preschool teacher is given the daunting task of helping little ones find their way in this world. She introduces them to new concepts, helps them navigate new friendships, and empowers them to overcome the day-to-day drama that comes with being a 2-year-old.

You have fulfilled this role for our family this year and we could not be happier with the end result. You welcomed our daughter on the first day of school, as scared and shy as she was, and helped her become the articulate, lively, funny little girl she is today.

I know how hard your job is, as I was in your shoes just a few short years ago. The days are not always easy with a room full of 2-year-olds. I now have those moments as a mom. Some mornings, I just can’t wait to drop her off at your door. But throughout the day, I will miss her being by my side. I can find comfort knowing that she is with you and that she is safe and having fun.

My friends thought I was crazy for driving across town to take Ansley to preschool. “Just put her in the school down the street” they said. But I felt something when I toured your school. I felt an energy and a positive presence that good schools buzz with. My expectations were exceeded. We found a great school. And you know what makes a great school? The teachers. It’s not the materials or the building or the curriculum. It’s the teachers. I never feel that I have to defend my decision to drive across town each day for school because I know that my daughter is in the right place. And that place is your classroom.

Ansley will not remember every song you taught her. She will not remember every friend’s name. But I guarantee she will remember your kindness and your gentle spirits. You have a passion for teaching this precious age. You have made a difference in our lives. Ansley is a better person, a smarter person, and a more adventurous person because of your class. She loves school because of you. That is something that I can never repay you for. Instilling the love of learning in my child is a blessing I’ll never be able to say thank-you enough for. Ansley has become so attached to you and trusting of you that she now cries “I want my teachers!” when she finds herself in trouble at home. That’s the sign of a good preschool teacher. Your students love you. Your parents love you. And we thank you for making such a difference in our child’s life.

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s the last day of school. I honestly feel like I just was taking her first day of school pictures in the hallway. You’ve made this school year a joy and we can never thank you enough. You are my daughter’s Mrs. Beets and I could not be happier for that.



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