Why Does an Organization Need Business Phone Systems


For any business, the phone is a necessary tool. Regardless of the type of business, a phone system is a tool utilized by everything from restaurants, to banks, to security guards. Retail establishments, for instance, require phones so their customers may call in and inquire about products and hours of operation. Restaurants utilize phones to take meal orders or to set reservations. Doctor’s offices use phones to communicate with patients about appointments and pertinent medical information.

While installing a phone in your home may be a simple process of establishing service and plugging in a telephone, business use and service is more involved. A business must make certain considerations when establishing their telephone and communication systems.

    • What is your business call volume? Does your business only make and receive calls out of necessity? For example, retail stores may only take calls to inform customers of their business hours or product availability. Alternatively, a doctor’s office makes and receives numerous calls during the day from patients and colleagues. If you fall into the category of low call volume then a single phone line may be appropriate. Calling features you may require could be call waiting, voicemail, and a hold function. Now if your call volume is high then a multi-line Ringcentral business phone systems is better suited. You will more than likely require an array of call features and phones that are installed in each workspace throughout the office.
    • Type of business phone system – A home phone can be a simple device that makes and receives calls. Business phone systems can be much more complex and even as advanced as some computers. These systems enable calls, conferencing, hold functions, and multi-line distribution. This type of complex phone system that can make and receive voice calls have several dedicated voice message boxes, route extensions, and even integrate to an internet connection or work through a computer.
    • Telecom Management- Who will oversee your business phone system? Will you oversee the telecom system yourself or will you have to hire a dedicated telecom/IT person. In some instances, telecom management is handled by an entire department. This is an important consideration when you have multiple phone extensions in your company.
    • Call area- Does your business only deal within the local area? If this is the case then a simple single phone line with a local or internet based provider plan is best suited for your needs. Some businesses however require calls out of the local area, even out of state. In some instances, your company may need to make calls overseas. Long distance and international calls can become a large expense. Check with different telecom providers and the service packages they offer. You might be able to find single rate long distance plans and international calling plans for business phone use. For one flat monthly rate, you can make calls as necessary state to state, or out of country. Another option is an internet based phone provider. All calls are routed through internet servers just like your regular internet usage. Long distance and international calls can be routed through an internet server and be made at a relatively low cost.

Business Phone Systems Expand Your Availability

If your business operates on odd hours or with massive call volumes then you might consider a PBX business phone system. Calls can easily be routed throughout different departments and to the necessary employee.

Additionally the system can send calls to your mobile device if you are out of the office. This is great for business people who travel often. The caller will call your main number as usual and the system forwards the call directly to you.

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