Organization That Works


Organization is one of the most popular services that I offer! Sometimes my organization skills lean into Business Organization. (Maybe it’s the PDR that hits the spot with my clients…) I am always more than happy to have a supportive hand in guiding my clients to the space they want to create and the place they want to be in.  Sometimes the business I help is a hair salon, spa, office, and production plant. I now am in process of doing organization across the country using pics and video I can create solutions and systems when someone has exhausted their ideas. 

A true Peace of Mind within a short Piece of Time!

This time I took on an office space that was just needing some categories and smart use of space.  Below you will find amazing cupboards slowly filled to the gills.  Once the cupboards became stuffed with clutter it became difficult to tackle project. That is where I can step in and help with the process. Take a look at how I transformed this from clutter-central to streamline-heaven…



BEFORE-It looks like this cabinet wanted to be organized but was a little confused on how to get started

RD 2

RD 3

Like I always say… clutter is a state of mind manifested in our physical lives–we need clear space to think clearly!


RD 4

RD 5

I know you won’t like to hear this but it’s much easier to empty contents,

then move to sorting using the PDR approach.

Purge •Donate•Repurpose



AFTER-With a little help from ‘PDR‘ and a clean slate, all materials are now separated and

stored with easy access in these office-appropriate bins!


I am also just realizing this: I ALWAYS leave empty space for all my clients to grow into-this is my signature move!



This is more like it! Sorted papers, prioritizing to-dos, and a clean office desk.




To-Dos are something that I always bring to my clients. Everyone has things ‘to-do’ so why not streamline

and make it that much easier for us to get through the day, week, month, and year?

Here I’ve organized these to-dos by BINS and DATE so taking a quick glance will tell you

WHAT you need to complete WHEN you need to complete it!


Contact me here and let me help you de-clutter your space!


Planting Peace,