An Organized Life: 5 Tips to Streamline Your Morning

The alarm clock goes off. You hit snooze. You know you shouldn’t because you never get out the door on time. You do it anyway and regret it later when you’re brushing your teeth and hair at the same time. Looking for ways to streamline your morning means more than just being organized. It means having a plan and routine and sticking to it. If you’re running to catch your breath every morning, check out these tips to slow down the marathon.

Streamline Your Morning Tip #1: Plan Your Outfits for the Week

streamline your morning
Choose outfits for the week

It may sound like a lot of work but the time you’ll save in the morning will be worth it. On a Sunday afternoon, go through your closet and choose your clothes for the entire week. This way you won’t be ransacking your closet each morning trying to find something clean, iron, and color-coordinated. You can even get crazy and put tags on for each day so there’s really no confusion.

Streamline Your Morning Tip #2: Get a System Going

Can’t find your pocketbook? Kids can’t find their lunchboxes? Sound familiar? If it does you need to streamline your morning. You know the saying “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Make it your morning mantra. Keep bags and coats and anything else in a designated area. This way everyone can just grab and go.

Streamline Your Morning Tip #3: Get Up Earlier & Get Some Exercise In

streamline your morning
Get moving in the morning

It may sound strange to add something to your morning routine to help make it go smoother. By adding a short workout you’re setting the tone for the day. There are so many benefits of morning workouts. One of them is that you are more focused. If you’re more focused then you’ll be less scattered brain. You’ll be able to get things going and streamline your morning.

Streamline Your Morning Tip #4: Set a Regular Wake-Up Time

We’ve all heard how important it is to go to bed at the same time every night. Well, the same can be said for waking up. If you wake up at the same time every day you know exactly how much time you have to get ready in the morning. This makes it so much easier to follow a routine too.

Streamline Your Morning Tip #5: Keep Beauty Routines Simple

streamline your morning
Keep beauty routines simple

Who has time for a full blow out or professional looking makeup in the morning? Not this girl. It’s not to say you need to leave the house looking like a hot mess. It means to keep it simple to keep the stress level down. Check out five minute make-up guides. Take a shower and blow out your hair the night before. You’ll still look good. In fact you may even look better because you won’t look all stressed out from rushing.

Mornings are nobody’s BFF unless you happen to be a morning person (lucky for you!). That doesn’t mean mornings have to be your worst enemy either. Start with these tips to streamline your morning and feel more organized and refreshed.


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