Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending (via teleconference)  “Reimagining Perspectives: Identifying Gaps that Revolutionize Industries”  – an exclusive panel discussion hosted by Capital One (#CapXTalk), a leading sponsor at Boston’s Outside the Box.  For those who don’t know, Outside the Box is a week-long performing arts festival designed to engage, educate and most importantly, entertain the citizens of Boston. The impressive panel brought together innovators and industry pioneers to discuss how to identify gaps, challenges, and opportunities within their industries. Panelists were asked how they might reimagine the way customers – and the population as a whole – live every day.

Moderated by Mario Armstrong, an Emmy Award winning radio and television talk show host (NBC’s TODAY Show, CNN, NPR, and FUSE), focusing in the areas of technology and digital lifestyle, the discussion featured the following panelists:

  • Wombi Rose, Founder of Lovepop Cards;
  • Pat Petitti, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of HourlyNerd;
  • Dave McLaughlin, General Manager at WeWork; and
  • Jim Kresge, Head of Digital Commerce Engineering at Capital One
  • Feng Chang, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy at Rue La La

IMG953907The panel kicked off with Armstrong asking “What does reimagining perspectives mean to you?”

The electric conversation focused on two main themes: 1) how work is being reimagined given the influence of technology and, 2) how technology impacts and changes the customer experience. Pat Petitti, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of HourlyNerd talked about how work gets reimagined every 60-70 years. He spoke to how technology has changed the way we hire, who we hire, where we work, when we work.  Jim Kresge, Head of Digital Commerce Engineering at Capital One talked about how technology makes information accessible to the customer in different ways. For example, Capital One is the first company to integrate any sort of financial services with Alexa. Some of the commands include, “Alexa, ask Capital One for my Quicksilver Card balance” and “Alexa, ask Capital One to pay my credit card bill.” The account is password protected so house guests can’t get your information.

Feng Chang, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy at Rue La La focused on the customer as she talked about how Rue La La was reimagining the mobile user experience, and bringing the customer back to brand content and news. She mentioned a shift towards omnichannel marketing. Rue La La’s mobile app builds functionality providing the customer with a differentiated experience. The app has features such as one-click checkout and favoriting sizes and brands. She reiterated many panelists when she said that customer feedback is crucial to successful platforms.

IMG953909Armstrong went on to ask the panelists how they have reimagined their own industry.

Jim Kresge, Head of Digital Commerce Engineering at Capital One kicked off by stating that Capital One is a thought leader in reimagining banking and financial services. If you haven’t checked it out already Capital One 360 is redefining customer banking experiences with their Cafés. Customers visiting the new Captial One Cafés can recharge their bank accounts, their devices, and their lives by learning new ways to save time and money, and trying out financial and digital tools – all while enjoying free Wi-Fi and a hand-crafted espresso from Peet’s Coffee & Tea’s full line of beverages.

Wombi Rose, Founder of Lovepop Cards talked about how he has disrupted the greeting card industry by putting cards online and having kiosks.

The panel also discussed the challenges they’ve faced and how they reimagined their business to get around those problems. There was also a very lively discussion on  tips the panelists had for people trying to reimagine themselves.

To watch the entire  “Reimagining Perspectives: Identifying Gaps that Revolutionize Industries” discussion go to this link. Watching the 40-45 minute panel discussion was inspirational, informative and enjoyable. Check it out so you can get inspired too!

Capital One’s commitment to their customers and shared passion for music, the arts and innovation are driving forces for their sponsorship of events like Boston’s Outside the Box. Capital One believes in supporting their customers in the areas of life that they are most passionate about – including music, the arts and innovation – through unique and memorable experiences.

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