Overcoming Objections at an In-Home Party

Overcoming Objections at a Home Party


Are you getting frustrated at home parties because it feels like all you hear is “No” when asking party guests to book a party or join your business? It is a natural part of building a business, and oftentimes when someone says “No” it really just means that all of the information needed has not yet been given.

Overcoming objections and learning to answer all of the prospect’s questions is a skill that can learned and developed. It takes time to build the skills we need to be successful, but when we put in the time we WILL see the results!

When someone presents you with an objection to booking a party, use the following question words:


– WHO?
– WHY?

Be sure to use OPEN-ENDED questions instead of YES/NO questions. By using open-ended questions, you are finding out more information and requiring people to actually answer the question rather than simply answering yes or no. Also, make sure to pause after asking the questions and LISTEN. Let them do most of the talking. 

You can also use FEEL, FELT, FOUND”. 
Objection: I am too busy to do a party. 
Response: I know how you feel. Lots of my hosts have also felt they were super busy just like you. But what they have found is that they love our parties because of our (direct-to-client shipping), so when I leave your house after the party, your work is all done! 

Since we are staying away from YES/NO questions, AT CHECKOUT instead of asking, “Would you like to have a party?”, try the following question:

Consultant (c): So, what did you enjoy most about the party tonight?
Guest (g): I really enjoyed _________ (ex. seeing all of the new seasonal products!)
Cons (c): Great, I’m really glad you enjoyed that! When would be a good time to get your family and friends together to do a party so they can see what’s new, too?

Too busy/No time
(g): Well, I don’t know?
(c): What would be one thing that would keep you from having a party?
(g): I’m too busy or I don’t have time. 
(c): Other than your schedule, what would keep you from having a party—tell me more. 
(g): blah, blah, blah
(c): I know how you feel. Lots of my hosts are super busy just like you. But what they love about TS parties is our direct-to-client shipping. When I leave your house after the party, we are done with the party. 

I don’t know anyone
(g): I don’t know enough people. 
(c): If we could work together as a team on your guest list, would you be interested?
(g): Answer (Sure, I guess, Maybe)
(c): What groups do you and your husband belong to?
(c): Many of my hosts take the samples and catalogs in to work the day of the party and collect lots of orders before their party even starts. Are we going to give it a try?

My house is too small
(g): My house is way too small to have a party. 
(c): How many people do you think you need to have a party?
(g): Oh, I don’t know….ten. 
(c): I’ve found that a party of 5 or 6 people is just as successful as a party with 10 people. Let’s find a date that we can get together. 

I don’t do parties
(g): I don’t do parties OR I don’t want my friends to feel pressured.
(c): Tell me more, it sounds like you had a bad experience in the past with a home party?
(g): gives response
(c): I promise you that this will be an enjoyable experience and we will work together as a team. Let’s find a date that we can get together. 


Compliment first:
(c ): Susie you (really were the life of the party, had lots of great ideas for our products, are such a friendly person) you would truly be an asset to our team. I’d like to invite you to take a look at our business and give me your opinion. 
(g): Oh, I don’t think so. 
(c) : What would be one thing that would be keeping you from taking a look? 

I’m too busy 
(g): I’m just too busy. 
(c): How many hours do you think this business takes?   
(g): Response
(c): You’d be surprised, in 4 hours you can earn $80-$100 at a party. 

I don’t have enough money
(g): I just don’t have the money right now
(c): I know how you feel. I’ve had a few consultants on my team who’ve felt the same way and they’ve found by working with me on ways to get some money they were able to get started! What ways could you think of?  

If the potential recruit still objects, then ask the following question:
(c ): Maybe things will change in the future, when would be a good time to get back to you?

Take these objections and write them on one side of a 3 x 5 card. Then, write the responses/questions on the other side of the card. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.Role play with your spouse, team member, friends, children, pets, yourself!!! The more you say them, the easier it will be to OVERCOME THE OBJECTIONS!   

Happy Booking and Sponsoring!~ Kim Denne

Kim Denne has 20 years of Direct Sales experience, and is still working in the field as a salesperson and a Sr. Team Mentor of a $1.2M team. Find more Direct Sales tips at her blog, www.FoodandHappinessbyKimDenne.com. She can also be found at www.Pinterest.com/KimDenne, www.Facebook.com/KimDenneTS and on Twitter: @KimDenne.

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