Parent-Perfect. Part-Time. Looking for a family friendly career alternative?

Hulafrog.Fall.Recruiting.2014.300BoxAre you one of the many women who have young children who have headed back to preschool or grammar school and may be looking to fill their kid-free hours with career building and revenue generating ones. What better time than the present to land a challenging, work-from-home job without having to sacrifice precious time with your family?

Hulafrog, a digital media company for parents that connects families to kid-focused events & businesses in their local community, offers a part-time gig for connected, sales-savvy and entrepreneurial moms.

The company, which has been featured in places like Working Mother, USA Today, Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, Forbes and Huffington Post Parents, is growing quickly and expanding into regions throughout the country in 2014.

Powered by Parents

Every local Hulafrog website is run by a mom in the community who works from home. Think Yelp meets Avon. Each local edition is managed by one “Publisher.” Hulafrog provides the tools, training, technology and support. She runs the show locally, earning commissions on advertising sales to local business owners. This is primarily a marketing & sales position.

Most Moms Want an “In-Between” Job

Hulafrog, taps the growing segment of today’s workforce that is searching for family-friendly, flexible career alternatives. A 2013 survey of over 2,200 of Hulafrog’s subscribers revealed that most moms are searching for an “in-between” or part-time position – one that allows them a real choice between “opting out” of the workforce altogether to stay home or “leaning in” and working full-time outside of the home. (Click here to see the infographic featured in HuffPost Parents.)

There is a vast pool of experienced women sitting on the sidelines of the workforce and Hulafrog’s mission has been to offer a win-winHulafrog-Is-Hiring-300 by creating a great work-from-home career alternative for all of these professional women with kids.

Hulafrog University Classes: Fall 2014

Anyone interested can find details at the company’s website at, where they can learn more about Hulafrog, as well as Hulafrog University. Hula U. is the company’s virtual training program that takes new Publishers through the process of launching a local website and trains them on how to manage, market and sell. Classes fill up fast so learn more now, while Hulafrog is still interviewing.

Tell a Friend — Get $100 Sephora Gift Card

Know a mom who might be interested? Pass this on. If she joins Hulafrog, they’ll send you a $100 gift card to Sephora (nice!) as a thank you.

For more information about Hulafrog or the Publisher role, please visit:

Thanks to Hulafrog for sponsoring this post.


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