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A great way to grow your community/customers/fans/supporters is to partner with like-minded brands! The goal of a partnership is to bring both brands value. Can you give their followers a discount to your products/service? Provide them with exclusive, specialized, relevant content for their blog? Providing them with something they are eager to share with their community is a great benefit to them because it gives them a tool to connect to their audience in a meaningful way. The benefit for you is exposure to all their fans because you have partnered with a like-minded brand (an organization whose values align with the values of your brand), there is a good chance that their core audience will also be interested in your brand. You have been “pre-approved” by a brand they already trust (and provided them with the right incentive) they are likely to visit your site and your social media networks to check out what you are all about. Voila, you have new fans!

A recent example of a great partnership is Beyonce and the United Nations. For this year’s World Humanitarian Day, the UN used the tagline, “I Was Here,” which is the title of a song from b’s recent album, 4. By teaming up with the superstar, the UN has expertly tapped into her massive fan base. knowing that beyonce herself is a humanitarian, the UN gets the benefit of her power to influence her millions of fans to take part in their day of giving back. Beyonce gets the amazing honor to be connected to a highly respected, worldwide organization (and, it’s great for her image). Be sure to check out both the UN and Beyonce’s websites and social networks to see all the ways both brands promoted each other. Please take a few minutes to watch this chill-bump inducing performance of “i was here” by Beyonce at the UN General Assembly. This woman is incredible : )

take action:

  1. Create a list of organizations, individuals, companies whose target audience aligns with your own.
  2. Brainstorm ideas on how you could provide value to their followers. Do some research to find out what their followers seem to respond to (what initiatives/blog posts garner the most comments/likes/retweets/repins?)
  3. Pick one or two organizations to reach out to and be able to explain in a concise manner why it would be beneficial for them to partner with you.

Good luck! Leave comments below to share your successes.
If you’d like to work with me one-on-one to discuss other ways of growing your community, let’s collaborate!


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