Patience When Teaching

??????????????????The other day I had an interesting coaching moment. I found myself running out of patience. I was trying to explain something to someone that I knew to be true. As in any profession when you’ve seen something enough times you can make a conclusion very early on in the game. On this occasion, what I was explaining just wasn’t sinking in. What was obvious to me wasn’t even on the radar of the person I was speaking with.

That moment was a great reminder to me that the knowledge or insight I take for granted as a coach is often totally foreign to my clients. I had entered into the story that day half way through, when the person I was hoping to assist was still on chapter one. It was no fault of theirs. I had jumped the gun. Silly of me really; if they already knew what I was getting at, what would they need me for?

We should never assume that people understand what we are saying. Whatever experience you are sharing or information you are trying to convey, be patient with the receiver. Your roll in that moment is teacher. If your pupil doesn’t learn the lesson, you haven’t done your job properly.

When do you lose patience? Is it possible that you have rushed ahead of your student?

Caird Urquhart is Founder and President of Newroad Coaching, a boutique coaching firm providing one-on-one personal and business coaching services and also author of 30 Ways To Better Days: How to Rally After You’ve Been Dumped. Find Newroad Coaching on their blog and on Twitter and YouTube.



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