Personal Brand Mechanics With Anastasia Ashman

personal brandPersonal Brand Mechanics With Anastasia Ashman

Peter Sterlacci, a personal branding expert and American expat in Japan, included me in his Brand Mechanics video interview series.

It’s a series with experts around the world sharing their tools and techniques to help anyone to build, maintain, or repair their brand.

I share with Peter how my expat personal experiences define my personal brand. We also talk about a formula that helps each of us use what we already have to be successful wherever we are.

I tell him what I think is the first step to build your presence online, and I give a tip to people who are trying to communicate their personal brand across cultures.

Since Peter’s an avid bicyclist, he asks me to imagine someone’s personal brand as a flat tire. What advice would I give this person to pump up the tire?

What would you suggest to the rest of us about communicating your global niche across cultures? Share your thoughts below.


A Berkeley native with 15 years abroad in 3 countries, Anastasia Ashman combines her global perspective with a pro background in NYC & LA media as cofounder of, a digital literacy company. She trains individuals & groups to reach offline goals with their online presence using an effective framework of personalized digital media strategy and an award-winning global community-building practice.

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