Personal Finance For Women: Resources and Information You Can Use To Enhance Your Financial Savvy

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Personal Finances For Women: Money Matters

Women sometimes feel insecure when it comes to money. As a single mom who is still recovering financially from a divorce, I completely understand.

I have put together a resource list that will give you tons of information on money and career as well as a resource or two for managing your finances.

Enjoy the good reads and please let me know if there is a key resource I should be including.

Blogs About Personal Finance For Women

  • Girls Just Wanna Have Funds: Women’s Personal Finance BlogCan’t argue with the title of this blog! It covers all the bases and the writer has a fun and slightly sassy tone. The look and feel is a little shallow and the writing could be slightly better, but the blog is friendly and approachable.
  • Home-Based Working MomsThis site is focused on creating community amongst work at home moms and jobs you can do online and from home in order to maximize work/family balance.
  • The Daily WorthThis is a very professional, well-organized blog that offers a ton of high quality information.
  • The Glass Hammer: Smart Women in NumbersWell not exactly a personal finance blog, this one will talk about the issues behind personal finance for women.

Websites About Personal Finance For Women

  • Huffington Post: Career & MoneyTons of great articles about, that’s right, career and money. It’s not personal finance, but it will give you food for thought as you learn from thought leaders.
  • Meetup.comI love this site. It helps you jump start your networking, practically no matter what the topic is. Sign up for this site and search under personal finance, business finance and other pertinent topics in and around your location.
  • Mint.comThis is a free financial planning and budgeting software platform.

Personal Finance For Women: Coaches And Other Professionals

I cannot recommend a personal finance coach at this time because I don’t use one. If, however, you are unsure about how to manage your finances, even a few sessions with a coach could set you in the right direction and is something I do recommend considering.

About something as important as money, I’m all for getting help.

You might want to consider, in addition to a coach, a bookkeeper and accountant. I love my accountant, Ellis Hsu-Mastromonaco and recommend her without hesitation (and no, I don’t get a kick-back for referrals).

Your Turn

What are your thoughts about personal finance for women? Do you know of any great resources to share with the group? If you are a coach, give us your information in the comments. There are plenty of women out there who could use your expertise.

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