Pin The Sale On Your Brand: Using Pinterest To Build Your Brand

It was just a plain cork board that hung on my wall when I was a teenager, but I loved it. You see, every square inch of it was covered! There were my teen heartthrobs, my favorite sports teams, pictures of my friends, wish list clothing…you name it, I pinned it!

And now there’s Pinterest…another relatively new and exciting social media forum that can help to keep your business relevant and visible. It was only launched in 2010, but in that short period of time, it has become one of the largest social networks online today.

What is Pinterest? Unlike Facebook’s timeline structure, Pinterest has a bulletin board style that allows its users to create themed “boards” to which they can post (or “pin”) images relating to that theme. Members can follow the boards of other members with similar interests.

So how can Pinterest help promote your brand? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of this increasingly popular social media site:

Add the badge! First and foremost, add Pinterest to your website! It’s an easy first step that will get people sharing your brand with other people!

Don’t wait…educate! Does your company have any educational materials, demonstration videos, or “how-to” handouts? These would be ideal for pinning. Karen Leland, President of Sterling Marketing Group, advises that this sort of information “…does well on Pinterest. Look at the materials your company has that educate, teach or inform your customers or prospects.”
Put the dates out! Leland also recommends using Pinterest to promote upcoming events, meetings, or trainings that your business might be hosting. “…Create a board that introduces it to your audience. Some ways to promote the event without being overly “spammy” include pinning information about the speakers, workshops and other educational sessions, sponsors, location and surrounding area, and special events within the event.”
Keywords are key! When creating boards, use specific, related keywords. The name of the board is used in its url which gets indexed in Google. This can have a very positive effect on its SEO.
Sound the call! It’s fine if people see your image, but it’s better if they follow that image to where you want them to go. Add a call to action and tell the person viewing your image or video what it is you want them to do. It works!
Name your price! Add your price to the images you pin so people will know that what you are offering is for sale. Why is this important? Many people may pin pictures of teapots, but if your business is selling teapots, you will want users to know that this is not just a lovely picture that you’re sharing. It is actually for sale, a fact that they will certainly find interesting!
Show your work! …Just like your grade school math teacher always used to tell you! This is particularly important if you provide a service. For example, if your landscaping company did a beautiful job on a lot that was previously in horrid condition, think how persuasive pinning the before and after pictures would be to Pinterest users!
Pin a winner! Generate a buzz for your biz by running a contest that requires a re-pin to enter. Also, you can run a contest from your website. When a user clicks it, that person is asked for his or her name and email address and is then forwarded to Pinterest to complete the pin.
Count your pins! Before long you will be able to determine what people are and are not re-pinning. Pinterest makes it possible for you to keep track of your boards’ statistics. Don’t overlook this step. You want every pin you make to have a point!

Don’t let this dynamic and increasingly popular resource go untapped! Ask the website design experts at GTech Designs how to equip your website with a portal to Pinterest, and have your company’s brand circulated in brand new ways!

And while you’re there, see if your old teenage heartthrob has a board!

This post is from Bola Olonisakin, Creative Head & Online Strategist at GTechDesigns LLC. Bola specializes in web design and development techniques, standards and methodology. She works to enable organizations to grow their web strategy and increase the visibility of their websites. If you’re interested in improving your web presence, feel free to contact her at [email protected], or @gtechdesigns on Twitter. This post was originally posted at


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