Planning For Next Year – What Worked This Year?

Reaching High

Have you started planning for next year, or like so many of us are you hoping that the planning will do itself?

OK, you know as well as I do that planning doesn’t do itself, so let’s take an easy start and look at what worked last year. First you’ll want to determine what you mean by ‘what worked.’ Here are some questions to start with. Did it increase your visibility? Did it increase sales, either new or repeat sales? Did you strengthen your processes, which support long term growth? Did you delegate more work? Is everyone in alignment with your vision and mission? Is everyone working to their strengths and empowered to do what they are charged with doing?

Next you’ll want to look at what you did vs. what your goals for 2013 were (are)? Did you track what you did? Did you accomplish your goals or do you know what else you need to do if you didn’t accomplish them.

Be honest with yourself as you review last year, both in what went well and what didn’t go well. Ask yourself what would you do differently now that you have more knowledge?

Next week we’ll look at what’s your focus for the year.


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