Planning a Grand Canyon Trip

The Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking natural wonders North America has to offer. The national park and water-made ravine brings tourists and guests from all over the world. However, for those of us in the USA, planning the vacation can be even more enjoyable. Whether you’re flying in and renting a car or making it a road trip, there are tons of tourist attractions and fun to be had along the way. However, the most exciting part may be in the planning itself. Take a look at 5 ways to plan your perfect Grand Canyon trip.

Grand Canyon Vista
Grand Canyon Vista

Grand Canyon Trip: Decide How You’re Going to Get There

For some, riding in a car for hours on end is much more enjoyable than a busy airport or train. For others, finding the easiest and quickest way to get to the Grand Canyon is the preferred option. Once there, getting transportation around the canyon is easy with free shuttles running from the major lodges and parks. However, if you plan on flying to your location, it’s imperative that you arrange transportation once you get there. For drivers, look for options that will allow long-term parking or campsites that allow for car parking.

Grand Canyon Trip: Research Tours Ahead of Time

Perhaps the most fun part of visiting the Grand Canyon is planning and going on the tours offered by the national park. Whether you’re interested in something that gets you up close and personal with the natural wonder or a more adventurous zipline or donkey ride down the ravine, there are tours and activities to meet your vacation plans. However, most of these tours can get filled up quickly. Don’t let them slip away. Book or plan out the tours you want to do months before you leave for your trip. In some cases, pay them in ahead of time to allow more money for fun once you arrive.

Grand Canyon Weather -Notice the snow. It was hot in Sedona but cold enough for snow in the Grand Canyon on the same day.
Grand Canyon Weather -Notice the snow. It was hot in Sedona but cold enough for snow in the Grand Canyon on the same day.

Grand Canyon Trip: Plan for Unpredictable Weather

One of the things the west is known for is its unpredictable weather. Although you may be planning a trip in the spring and summer, that doesn’t mean you’ll get the kind of weather you’re used to. The temps in the canyon can reach up to 100 degrees F during the day and then chill to low 40s at night. Similarly, the spring can bring cooler temperatures even in the canyon and flash flooding can make hikes dangerous. Make sure you’re aware of the weather changes and predictions before packing. Have a variety of clothing options on hand for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Grand Canyon at Sunset

Grand Canyon Trip: Is Camping or Lodging the Right Choice?

There are a few different lodging options when you’re planning a Grand Canyon trip. If you’re someone who prefers the great outdoors, there are a variety of camping sites perfect for those who like to get off the grid for a little while. If the comforts of home are more your style, lodges and cabins along the Grand Canyon are perfect for getting you in touch with nature without losing Wi-Fi. For others, there are waterpark resorts perfect for families or casinos and large all-inclusive resorts that make for more to do and see than just the canyon. Make sure to book months in advance during peak tourism times to ensure you get the room or camping spot you want.

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Grand Canyon Trip: Make Fun Stops Along the Way

Depending on which way you’re driving to the Grand Canyon, there are tons of interesting and fun things to see along the way. For road trip takers, part of the fun of the drive is stopping to see sights that we would normally fly over. Places like the Four Corner in Colorado, Las Vegas in Nevada, or the plains in the Midwest can all be stunning stops before making it to the big event. Plan your stops along the way. Decide which route you’re going to take before heading out. Look for fun and interesting things to see in each major town or even in the small ones. This might be the perfect opportunity to eat the world’s best pie.


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