Poipu Grocery Shopping: Top Places to Grocery Shop in South Kauai

2014-04-19 21.52.08On any trip to an unfamiliar locale its always better to start with a cheat sheet that helps you know where to get your provisions and where to eat when you travel. For several years my family was lucky enough to take trips to Maui. We knew exactly where to get the best ice cream, sushi and fish tacos. Last year it was time for a change, off we went to Kauai. We had some truly spectacular meals and some real stinkers as we figured things out. This blog series is my list of recommended spots for great meals, grocery stops, and cocktails on your visit to South Kauai. I’ll start with a blog covering Poipu grocery shopping recommendations below. None of the stores include a view like the one at the right but if you don’t have to go from store to store shopping for ingredients you can get back to that view faster.

Poipu Grocery Shopping

To do a big shop you’ll probably need to take a step outside of Poipu. Whalers General Store (located in the Poipu Shopping Village) is decent for a little of the necessities: coffee, milk, water, snacks, cereal. However, if you want to do a big shop and fully provision a kitchen its not where you want to go.

The Big Save in Koloa is a few minutes up the road from Poipu is your best bet for a full service grocery. Its clean has decent fresh fruit, veggies, dairy, milk and wine. While its not cheap no grocery shopping on Kauai really is. Right next door to the Big Save is one of the best spots to grab some tubs of poke. If you don’t have a favorite style get several small deli containers of a variety and have a sample party back on your lanai.

Another Koloa grocery option is Sueoka Market. I’d advise sticking with their snack bar. At the grocery the produce and breads didn’t seem quite as fresh as what you can get down the road.

My next blog will cover both high end and low end dining out near Poipu.




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