Polish your ideas in public. Do it with web syndication.

Creating is recreating.

How many ways can you use a piece of content? And how might that content evolve as you use it in different places and formats? I’d say: in unexpected but welcome ways.

In the GlobalNiche.net SUM-it UP program, we ask participants to brainstorm ways to use their content in their web platform, and in particular, brainstorm how many ways they can use one piece of content.

At GlobalNiche, we see syndication as a process of not just distributing your work through different channels, but also letting the process transform that work. It’s about developing your content and honing your material, while sharing it through your web platform and engaging people.

Polish your ideas in public, and use web syndication to do it. 

Read the rest of the story with tweets, images, slideshows at Storify. The Global You Manifesto: a syndication story


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