Turn a Positive Into a Positive Brand Image

I came across an article on HR Communication titled, “For better recruiting, cast your organization in a positive light.” The piece raised some interesting points, one, that businesses should assume that job candidates are sharing with their peers how they were treated during the interview process – good or bad. The article went on to offer four recruiting etiquette tips, and this got me thinking of how my industry of communications and marketing can help facilitate positive online experiences even if the candidate doesn’t find the brand a good fit for themselves career-wise.

When you think of Johnson & Johnson, you might think of cute, cuddly and sweet-smelling babies. You might recall countless products, or the company’s campaigns touching billions of lives through charitable giving and volunteer efforts. Or do you think of J&J being named one of the top companies for working mothers?

Now, what comes to mind when you think of walking into a used car dealership? Not the best of reputations, I imagine. Scott Painter of Cars Direct admits, “Buying a car sucks. It’s something that most consumers fear.”

Who would you rather work for? While not all used car dealers are worthy of the stereotype, they are stuck with it because too often they live up to the stigma and fail to cast their organization in a positive light. The undeniable truth: the way in which you portray your brand – not only to your customers, but also to your candidates – is directly correlated to better recruiting in the future.

A potential candidate hears about your organization and decides to conduct a Google search. In today’s world where news is updated 24/7 and information is readily available with the click of a button, it wouldn’t be difficult to uncover your code of ethics, contributions to society, achievements and expertise, and workplace culture. If they are interested in a career, they will inquire about a position and they might even be selected for an interview. If you hire them, great! If not, oh well, right? Wrong.

Even if you don’t hire someone who shows interest in a job with your company, you still want them to have a positive experience with your brand’s online presence. They may not be a part of your team, but they might become your target audience. And it only takes one bad review, comment or rating to throw a wrench in your credibility and reputation.

How to cast a positive glow upon thine company? Start with your marketing messages. Do they reflect the company’s values? Are you being transparent, or is your agenda too sales focused? Does your code of ethics align with your content?

Blogging is an important strategy here because it allows your audience the chance to have a one-on-one conversation with your business, without you even being there. The type of content featured on a blog should be reciprocal in nature and be used as an opportunity to connect and engage with those in your industry who are known for their progressive and positive practices. Positioning yourself as a thought leader will create positive opportunities for engagement with potential employees, and give them a reason to view your organization’s mission, culture and overall brand in a positive light.

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