Pot Roast Perfection – Recipe

I LOVE Beef Bourguignon but it can be a hassle. I like pot roast a lot, but sometimes it can be less than flavorful. After years of trying to find the perfect pot roast recipe, I developed one with all the ease of a pot roast and all the flavor of Beef Burgundy. It is the perfect marriage of the two!

There are tons of ways to cook a pot roast. Some use beer some just use beef stock. I’ve  Some recipes call for slow cookers. Many, like mine, brown ingredients on the stove then get moved to the oven for hours. All this low and slow cooking will fill your house with deliciousness. There are only a view small tweaks you’ll want to make to a standard pot roast recipe to move it into Beef Burgundy perfection territory. The three ingredients that move the recipe into beef bourguinon territory are: wine, herbs, and bacon. I also recommend omitting the potatoes. I’ve never really loved the boiled potatoes that come with pot roast. Since beef bourguignon is typically served over egg noodles, omitting them seemed like the right thing to do.  If you LOVE them, by all means, add the potatoes back.


3-5 lbs chuck roast (whole or cut into a couple pieces)

2-3 strips of bacon

2 onions

8 carrots

2-3 cloves garlic smashed (but not chopped)

2 cups beef stock

1-2 cups red burgundy/pinot noir

3-4 sprigs fresh rosemary sprigs

kitchen twine (optional)

cheese cloth (optional)

sea salt and pepper for seasoning

  • Heat up a large pot or Dutch oven to medium-low on your stove top.
  • Preheat your oven to 300 degrees
  • Peel and quarter your onions.
  • Peel and quarter your carrots.
  • Once your pot is heated up saute your bacon strips to render the fat. After about 5-10 minutes the fat should be rendered from the bacon. Remove and set aside the bacon to add back later.
  • Raise the temp on the stove top to medium high and place the onions and smashed garlic in the pan to brown on both sides. (~2 minutes a side). Remove and reserve for later with the bacon.
  • Place the quartered carrots into the pot and brown lightly on each side. Remove and reserve for later with the bacon.
  • Season your beef with salt and pepper while you let the pot get back up to medium high. then place the meat in the pot to brown on each side. Getting a nice brown sear on each side really makes for nice flavor down the road.  brown the meat on all sides.
  • Remove and reserve for later with the bacon.
  • Reduce heat to medium and deglaze the pan with a cup of beef stock and a cup of wine. Use a whisk to help scrape up all the good brown bits from the bottom of the pan. Add back the beef followed by the onions, garlic, bacon, and carrots.
  • Add in the remainder of the beef stock and wine.  Then wedge in the herbs (either tied up or lose -see below).
  • Cover the pot and roast for 3-5 hours in your 300-degree oven.
  • Allow at least 3 hours for a 3 lbs roast. A five-pound roast should have 4-5 hours. To check for doneness use a fork if it goes in easily and can pull apart with little effort your roast is “fork tender” and ready. If you need a knife to get it into pieces it isn’t done, back away from the pot.
  • Before serving, remove your herbs and bacon strips. If you feel the need serve over egg noodles or with a nice piece of french bread to sop up the wonderful sauce.


  • My favorite cut of meat for this recipe is chuck roast. It has nice marbling and once it is fully cooked is incredibly tender. By fully cooked I mean there is no knife necessary it should be falling apart. If you rush it or decide it is going to be done when it is not, it will be chewy and a lot less flavorful.
  • The wine you choose need not break the bank, but you’ll want it to be good enough to have a sip or two of when it’s not in a recipe. If it’s something you wouldn’t consider a sip of out of a glass it isn’t going to help you make a great meal.
  • I like to wrap up the fresh herbs in something called a bouquet garni. It lets all the great herb flavors soak into the sauce without little pieces of herbs getting stuck into your teeth later. Some folks don’t mind that so much. To make one either A) just gather together your sprigs and either wrap the kitchen twine around them in a tight spiral to keep everything contained and bind it off or B) roll them up in the cheese cloth and tie up the ends.
  • No need to mince your garlic you’ll get enough flavor just smashing it. Just be sure to remove it and the herbs before you serve.
  • If you are opposed to using bacon simply substitute in 2-3 tablespoons cooking oil to saute your vegetables.




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