PR for Entrepreneurs – Easy Tips and Tricks You Can Use Today!

The Mystery is Finally Revealed! Every entrepreneur needs to learn how to amplify their efforts with good PR.  As Ink PR CEO, Starr Million Baker states, “it’s all a timing dance.”  In this PR for Entrepreneurs episode, Starr gives you actionable items you can start using in your business to not only get the word out but the do it in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Starr and I worked together on an innovative crowdfunding project where we raised $183k for a toy company out of Boulder Colorado.  I focused on the video and design elements of the campaign and Starr was responsible for bringing in a tidal wave of mainstream PR.  The day we launched we were on the home page of Mashable, Wired, and other industry leading publications thanks to Starr’s leadership and stellar hand selected team.  The point I’m trying to make is when you take advice, take it from the best, and Starr is just that.

I asked Starr to spend a few moments revealing her secrets to assist the Project Eve community of busy entrepreneurs in becoming PR rockstars for their own businesses.  In an effort to be MOST conscientious of your time (you’re welcome), I’ve broken down the PR for Entrepreneurs interview into no longer than 5 minute segments.  I’ll be releasing one video a week.  It is my hope that every entrepreneur reading this post will take the week, implement some of the practices and then come back each week for more.  By taking small baby steps and spoonfuls of actionable entrepreneurial training, you WILL build a thriving business.  We at Project Eve are committed to helping you adjust along the way.

No excuses people.  Take 5 minutes a week to work on building your PR for Entrepreneurs strategy.  You won’t be sorry.  Ask your questions in the comments below and I’ll make sure they get answered.

“Media PR folks love hearing from the mouth of the entrepreneur themselves.”  -Starr Million Baker

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Still not convinced to watch the video?  Don’t pass up sure fire PR for Entrepreneurs tips including:

  • The best days to do a PR news release
  • How to find relevant bloggers and journalists willing to talk to entrepreneurs
  • How to build a relationship with a blogger
  • What you should say in your first email
  • How to optimize your email so it gets read on a bloggers smart phone
  • How much time entrepreneurs need to plan their PR push
  • The benefits an entrepreneur receives working with a PR agency

Got a PR for Entrepreneurs question for Starr?  You can tweet her at @MillionBaker

Post Written By:

Eli Regalado
Crowdfunding Expert
Director of Sponsors/Partners for Project Eve
Cofounder of VideoGoGo



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