Pregnancy symptoms

Becoming pregnant comes with many body changes due to the change in hormones and the new role that the body is given. These are the pregnancy symptoms or the signs that will make you know that you are pregnant even before it is confirmed by a pregnancy test. Some of the symptoms that you can experience are:

  • Heightened sense of smell

You will start to notice that you can sense smells more than before. May it be the smell of food or a spray that someone is wearing.

  • Feeling nauseated and having a metallic taste in the mouth.

If you start feeling like vomiting or you actually vomit, then this is a sign that you may be pregnant. There are more assurances if it comes with other symptoms such as having a metallic taste in the mouth and food cravings where you only want to eat a particular type of food. You may also have food aversion where you cannot stand particular food.

  • Fatigue

This is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy that you may experience. You may feel the need to sit or lay down often as you feel exhausted. This is due to hormones, which are preparing you for the task ahead.14

  • Missed period

This is also one of the early signs that you may be pregnant. If you have been sexually active and your periods are usually regular, missing the periods means you need to have a pregnancy test to confirm your fears.

  • Mood swings

With the level of hormones increasing in the body, you are likely to experience mood swings. This is in form of heightened emotions, which can either be good or bad. You may find yourself getting more anxious than usual or feeling depressed. You may also overact to issues that you could have remained calm to before.

Having one of these signs may not be a pregnancy symptom so you should be careful when making the prediction that you are pregnant. For instance, you may feel nauseated and fatigued due to other factors such as an illness. Your periods may also fail to come on time due to changes in the body such as gaining or losing of weight.

To be sure if you are pregnant or not, you should take a pregnancy test in order to confirm your fears. You should not to rely on pregnancy symptoms alone since they may be misleading.


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