Pretty Makes You Pay Attention

diy label 1

Printable labels come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. I like printable labels; I just don’t like what happens when you need to change the label. That sticky glue residue stays on your item and creates a messy mess.


I like to use post it’s for my labels and the reason why is that post its are so much easier to remove and they have really cute ones out there.  If I decide to label an item and then change my organization, I find that if I need to change the label, the post it easily comes off and I can make a new one. No mess, no glue residue, no extra buying.


label 2

IMG_0378 label 4

labels 3



IMG_0390 filelabel 6


IMG_0391 labeln8


IMG_0393 file label 9


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